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  1. I actually thought it had a platinum trophy.
  2. Singularity, is the worst game I'd ever played...
  3. Hmhmhm. In my opinion, Elder Scrolls Online is quite uninteresting. Simply, I would prefer Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.
  4. It depends on your aiming. If your aiming on the trophy it's gonna be hard for ye, an' if your aiming on the fun It's gonna be easy cuz the real gamers are not new with those kinda of challenging, especially if you get used to it, so it's better for you to have fun in it or just leave it cuz it's gonna be a real PAIN... Anyways, I have finished the VR Missions and the DLCs and I got S Rank and I finished the story mode too with the S Rank. Believe me it may take time, but if you keep trying you'll get it. Have Fun.
  5. it will come but i think after long time or maybe after ps4