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  1. The guide is up now, I hope it helps
  2. I am a sucker for stats like this. It'd be nice if you could see a graph of the change in rarity for a platinum (or all trophies if you will). Imagine a game is at %25 platinum rarity, then it gets added to PSPlus and it drops down to %20. Maybe have a monthly update or something. Just a thought.
  3. It's up now. Kudos on an amazing guide! I guess the queue is pretty crazy. Nothing but respect to the team taking time of their days to review them. We will just have to be patient.
  4. Hello, I am new to guide writing and I have been enjoying it a lot. I sent my first guide of [email protected] around 15 days ago (can't remember the specific date) and it has been awaiting review for a while. I see games like destruction all stars have its guide published even though the game came out a couple days ago. Might be cause it's a big title and it gets priority idk. Don't want to sound impatient, but I heard it takes 3 to 6 days. Just wanna make sure that I am not missing a step or something.
  5. I have unlocked "Chief Inspector". I know I finished the story line of Roland. I have 50/50 jobs. Yet, the trophy has unlocked. Very odd considering I have the 100% trophy but not this one. Anyone knows a solution for this? Any recommendations? I would like to steer clear from replaying the entire game, but if there's no other solution how far into the game do I need to complete all of Roland's missions? Edit: Since I had the game open for almost 20 hours (kept my PS4 on when I slept), I thought reloading the game could boot up the system and pop the trophy. It didn't. Thankfully, turns out I had a separate save slot I made randomly. I had no idea it was there. And luckily I only did one mission for Roland. Redid the 4 other missions and surely enough the trophy popped. I guess I'll leave this here as a warning. Save before you do the final mission for Roland.
  6. Doing a guide on [email protected] A little fun dungeon crawler available on PSNow. Might need someone to proof read it tho cause English is my second language.
  7. Yes, one extra player is enough to create party. The game will autofill the rest of the team. And no, there are no bots unless you are playing training (which i doubt counts towards any trophies)
  8. Exactly, PSN numbers include every owner of the game. The large number include accounts only registered to this website. Generally, PSNP numbers are a better estimate of how difficult a trophy is. Almost everyone here is a trophy hunter so registered accounts are willing to go for those trophies, whereas the PSN numbers are very low because not many care about trophies or even bother completing a game. Welcome to the site btw.
  9. "Strikeout unlocked" is the newest limited gamemode. It is like normal strikeout but with all characters unlocked. This is your best chance to earn this trophy (And not having to rely on the 6 free characters)
  10. Don't they already have that? Earned trophies are in a green colored box.