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  1. Okay Guys, i can confirm this trophy actually works with only one PS Plus Account and two consoles. Here's what i did: created a new Google Account and then created a new PSN Account using this new Google Mail Account. I signed in with the new PSN Account on an old PS4 after that (no PS Plus there) and started Man of Medan. Then i simply locked in to my normal PSN Account on PS5, sent a friend request to my new fake account, started Man of Medan on my PS5 and hosted my "new friend". And that's it. Hope that helps.
  2. Thanks a lot, that's it then. Well actually, that's the only trophy i'm missing in that game, so shouldn't be too bad then ...
  3. So basically, i need to create a new account with new e-mail adress, name, date of birth and so on, friend this account and invite it as a host? Well yeah, definetely in one go, hopefully there won't be any hard crashes during that coop playthrough, did you have any?
  4. Okay, but how do i invite my 2nd account to play the game together with my main account? I can't friend my own account on the other console.
  5. @xItsLesterx What exactly is a factory reset from safe mode? Do you think, i'd have a chance to get ironman on ps5? Having the same issues like you had.
  6. So a simple question: if i die in permadeath mode and i'm using chapter reset - but i die once - does the trophy pop or do i literally have to complete the game WITHOUT a single death?
  7. It's not hard actually, but a long road to go i'd say. Basically, you can grind up your ship to the max (which is required to platinum the game anyways) and have no problems to defeat any of the enemies even on hard. It's very simple to reach Sector 7 on hard as soon as you have the "Ancient Weapon". It's a primary kind of laser gun which oneshots most of the enemies, big ships will go down by maybe 6 - 10 hits. So that's this. Of course it'll take quite a long time to have all that stuff, but you get it what i mean. No skill required at all 😀
  8. No, unfortunately not. For the nightmare ending, you have to kill and condemn everyone. But for the bad ending, you need to condemn all exept one of your choice. Due to no checkpoint at the required part of the game, you'll need 3 runs for completition. Yeah, you're right. It worked for me, too. Ty so much, there is literaly nothing to find to get to know that so thank you so much 😄
  9. Wow, thanks! That could be it! I'll give it a try right now!! 😃😃😃
  10. I have the exact same issue. All trophies achieved (91 %), good ending is bugged out. You did nothing wrong, the good ending actually requires to forgive everyone and not kill anyone - so you did fine. I read on Steam a post of the developers which says they're already working on a patch for this issue. Hope they hurry up ...