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  1. Absolutely fantastic job! Every time I think about this game, I can't even bring myself to boot it up. 319 and 320 really are just that crazy.
  2. Any chance we could keep the sign-ups open for others to join? Overall, that would probably be ideal with the yearly leaderboard in mind as well.
  3. You crushed it @Leewor! Great job to everybody else as well. 😀 Hopefully we can see even more people take part in this as the year goes on.
  4. Here's my tentative list for now: 0-20% ~ Wipeout Omega Collection (1%) 21-40% ~ Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD PS3 (26%) 41-60% ~ Control PS5 (51%) 61-80% ~ Geometry Wars 3 Vita (61%) 81-99% ~ Heavy Rain PS3 (81%) I'm considering how much I hate myself to decide if I want to add Tetris Effect into my 41-60 range--right now it's leaning towards no. I would push Atari Vol 2 up to 21%, but I really don't want to lose out on those sweet MVPP points! I think that's good though since it'll encourage me to actually work through my old backlog.
  5. This is actually really common across all platforms. Average Game Completion % is a nice metric, but it is sometimes extremely limiting in what people are willing to play. There's nothing wrong with having that be your main goal in the hobby, but I'm really glad that you're trying to kick the focus since it was impacting your fun. It can be a good thing to step outside our comfort zone and try new things and know that it's alright to stop if we're not feeling it. Personally, I don't push myself unless I really enjoy a game. A part of being able to take on bigger challenges comes from exactly that--experience with a variety of games and not having the pressure in the back of the mind about "needing" to finish something. The more stress you can take out of a situation, the better. Thankfully, this event also allows us to swap games up to 5 times, so don't be afraid to use them!
  6. I'm down for another month! For this bracket challenge, are the games completed after the bracket going to count again, or will it only be for listed games? I'll pick my list over the next couple days as I try to figure out how much I want to tackle next month.
  7. There's at least the addition of 200p for any UR platinum on the completed list. That said, it's not a huge increase, but it's a little something to reward going for more rare games.
  8. I'm down for another month! Hopefully at some point there will be a way to sign up for the whole year. 😀
  9. It's already happened on Steam, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it here. There are games on Steam that give you the full achievement list just for opening the game... And I'm talking 5,000 achievements at once--it's kind of ridiculous. 🙃 But, to be fair, I suppose Steam has very little achievement regulation.
  10. I agree with these points. It's also worth noting on #3 that chasing high point games and total completion count isn't always mutually exclusive in achievement hunting hobbies. It makes sense that someone who plays more rare games could match or surpass someone who focuses moreso on the quick to obtain trophies on a ranking that favors rarity. I'd imagine that a lot of Hakoom's rarity points would come from his PS3 days where the option of playing spam wasn't really there. This hobby is vastly different between hunters and it's nice to be able to rank different styles. Personally, the leaderboard here doesn't appeal to me at all and I use sites like Exophase since that assigns different values based on rarity. (And, of course, that's not perfect either) Counting platinums is fine since it's weighted the same as any other trophy and not it's normal increased value. I'm sure there are a good number of plats out there where most of the game is relatively common with only the plat and a handful of others being all that rare. Including the plat would incentivize taking on these generally larger games and should still be in the realm of balance to non-plat rare games.
  11. Thank you! I was actually thinking about that earlier today and was going to suggest something like how it is now. 😅 It's looking really good!
  12. At a glance, the numbers seem to work out fairly well. A 5k cap sounds reasonable to neither devalue or overvalue a single trophy. I also agree that counting up to 50% is fine as you would need 293 trophies at 30% (the other suggested cutoff) or 1024 at 40% to match the points of a single 1.0% rarity trophy. I really can't think of any instances at which this could be time efficient. It's also good to keep it wider as people can still see some growth even if they're playing some more casual games. Granted, it won't be many points, but it's at least something. Overall, I do really enjoy the idea as it gives players who haven't been playing nonstop for over a decade a chance to get fairly high on a leaderboard. I'm happy with my current point values and I've been away from PSN in general for over 6 years and never really got into hunting UR when I was younger.
  13. Don't forget about the yearly leaderboard that will be implemented! This is honestly more of a marathon than a sprint, all things considered. I've been knocking out a lot of my quicker games these past few months so I'm sure they will run out relatively soon. There will be plenty of time to catch up. 🙂 Personally, I'm just happy to see people enjoying the event. Setting goals and watching yourself grow should be (imo) the most fun part of the event. Since it's fairly lax, progress can be made without much effort and by simply working on the hobby over time. I'm hoping more join in the future since this is a great way for people to compare with others without having to worry about being active for over a decade of trophy hunting.
  14. With 5 games done, it's time to move on to Tier 6 more games. Tricky Towers was probably my favorite of this bunch. It's a great spin on Tetris that adds a physics element and various power ups to help you or hurt your enemies. The goal is to build a stable tower and keep it from toppling over. A good chunk of the list is relatively easy, but there are a few standout challenges--like beating the final trial without losing any health or finishing a race in under 80 seconds. I definitely recommend this to fans of action puzzle games. OlliOlli 2 is a massive improvement over the first game. Everything feels better and the challenges are a good bit harder as well. Being able to manage your speed by doing a manual is reason enough alone to make this feel like a more fluid game. The majority of levels can be completed in a single combo and it's quite satisfying to pull off. If anybody plans to play this, I recommend starting the dailies as soon as possible since 7 are needed for a trophy. Lapis x Labyrinth has been eating up all of my free time this past week. It's a bit of a love/hate relationship, honestly. The gameplay itself is relatively basic once you're in the dungeon, but I found making builds to be quite enjoyable. Even though it's basic, the game still sucked me in as it's extremely flashy when you're doing well as if you hit big on the slot machine at a casino. There's something about ripping through these maze-like levels and taking out hordes of enemies while lights flash and jewels and treasure fly across the screen that just feels right. It's not overly challenging with a proper setup, but things can still go wrong in the later dungeons due to traps or enemies hitting hard. The big downside, however, is that well over 50% of my playtime was spent doing post-postgame cleanup to fill out my item log and try to get 3 Ultra Rare treasures in a single run. (It's technically Ultimate in game, but Ultra is more fitting here 😬) All of this is extremely reliant on random chance. I definitely went into this game feeling cocky about my luck, and some things were quite painful to get--especially the 3 Ultra Rares in a single run. Even though the grind was pretty ridiculous, I still found it fairly enjoyable. That said, the game would be a much better experience trophy-wise with some more forgiving drop rates. Tricky Towers (1.04% / 0.79%) OlliOlli 2 (0.62%) Lapis x Labyrinth (2.94%) I'd also like to add a few more to the list: Fenix Furia (1.57%) Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 (0.50%) Mighty No. 9 (0.79%) -- This is going to be a mistake, I know it Wipeout Omega Collection (1.3%) Ongoing games: Completed games:
  15. That's extremely fair. Thanks! As far as a timeframe goes, a UR event I'm participating in uses 2 months as a rule of thumb and it seems to work well.