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  1. I haven't been around much, but you all absolutely killed it this year! I really enjoyed my time with this event and was so happy I could contribute to a good cause by doing something I enjoy. Thank you! Before I forget, I just wanted to toss one last completion in. I finished Slime-san a bit ago, but didn't get around to adding it here. Great little platformer with entirely too many levels, but it was still a fun time. I'll probably come back to some of my list at a later date--but, I've been focusing my gaming time elsewhere for the time being. I am a little disappointed that I wasn't able to get Fenix Furia to pop that last death trophy despite having spent so much time trying. Otherwise, this event has made my time gaming on PS4 quite enjoyable this year. Thanks again! Recent Completion: Slime-San (3.06%) Added: None Ongoing games: Completed games:
  2. This happened to me as well. Thankfully, I still had a save before the 5th lord--and that one popped after re-fighting. The 32 owls also popped for me upon talking to the king again.
  3. Thanks to the multiplayer update and some friends getting into the game and lighting a fire under my ass, I've finally finished up Tetris Effect! This marks my second, and hopefully not last, bounty of the event. I'm not too well-versed in Tetris overall, so this was quite the challenge to overcome to get SS everywhere. Sprints were by far the hardest for me--I barely scraped by being only 0.04 seconds under the required time (hey, I'll take it!). Otherwise, Ultra scoring was rough as I had to learn some setups for T-spins in order to even stand a chance. Everything else was fairly easy to pick up and enjoy. I played some of the multiplayer co-op with some friends on the maniac mode and that proved to be a much bigger challenge than I imagined. It takes dangerous modifiers that Tricky Towers has and turns it up a few notches. Overall, the game is fantastic and I strongly recommend it to anybody who has an interest in Tetris or neat audiovisual experiences. Edit: Oh right, the grind was such a pain! Tetromino rotations took 13+ hours using the base version of the game, remote play, and a keyboard macro to spin my piece. After that, I had 7 player levels left which took at least 5 more hours of playing to finish up. Next, I'll probably be chilling with the literal hundreds of levels in Slime-San and playing some Tales of Arise. After that, I might revisit the pain that is Trials Fusion and finish those last few challenges. Recent Completion: Tetris Effect (0.47%) Added: Slime-San (3.06%) Ongoing games: Completed games:
  4. Damn, it's been quite a while and all I have to show for it is a completion of The Bit.Trip! I've been meaning to play these at some point, and this collection was the perfect chance. I'll say that a few of them were a lot more boring than I had anticipated. Fate and Void ended up being the flops for me, despite them sounding really fun in concept. I had played Runner before, but it was enjoyable the second time around. The pong variant games were a lot more fun with motion control than I had anticipated. Overall, the collection isn't very demanding save a couple annoying trophies. Otherwise, I've made some progress on Tetris Effect, although I still feel miles away with these last two SS ranks. Great game, though! Fenix Furia continues to be a game that refuses to give me the death trophies, which will probably be forever forgotten soon. I'll probably chip away at Tetris a bit more, but not sure what else I'll be working at next on PSN. Recent Completion: The Bit.Trip (2.56%) Added: None, for now Ongoing games: Completed games:
  5. Let's be glad that it doesn't have the same achievement list as PC! You have to do absolutely everything to get 100% on PC which takes players hundreds of hours. Regardless, good job and hope you enjoy the next one more! I've had my eye on Wuppo, but haven't been able to bring myself to start it up.
  6. I finally found the motivation to go back and finish the leveling grind in Ys Origin. This was by far the worst part of the plat as it was just so repetitive. On top of the 3 normal and 3 nightmare playthroughs I had to do otherwise, I needed to do a 7th playthrough on Very Easy in order to make this somewhat bearable due to how experience works. Thankfully, the game itself is only a handful of hours long, but even still. Overall, Ys Origin is one of my favorite in the series from a non-trophy perspective. The action is fun and the challenge is really enjoyable. Some people have issues with crashing, but thankfully I only crashed once overall. Otherwise, I finished up Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 for another event. This was a bit more enjoyable than the first game--chess aside. Chess was the absolute worst as it requires the player to beat a higher level CPU which takes 2 minutes 45 seconds per move. Yes, that's not a mistake. I honestly thought my game was broken since it just flashes different colors while the CPU is planning their move. They absolutely knew what they were doing since the trophy is called "Patience". Most other challenging games seemed to be Asteroids or Asteroids derivatives, with the big exception being Stellar Track. This was some weird space game where you're tasked with killing aliens in a text-based strategy format using a very confusing UI. At first, it was dreadful, but it actually became quite fun once I got the hang of the mechanics. I'll likely play some non-UR games for now to clear out some of the backlog, but I'll add another game or two to the list soon-ish. Recent Completion: Ys Origin PS4 (2.69%) Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 (0.50%) Added: None, for now Ongoing games: Completed games:
  7. Great list! Super Rude Bear is criminally underplayed even though it's definitely not perfect. I have faith that you'll be able to get through these!
  8. I was also going to suggest Tetris Effect among all this discussion, so I'm glad it was added! Overall, that seems like a pretty good list of new bounties. I'll agree that Taiko: Drum Session is a beast of a rhythm game (and quite fun, imo) and should be a contender for the bounty list. Maybe this will light a fire under me to put more progress into Tetris, but I've been lazy and was somewhat waiting for that fancy multiplayer update this Summer. Splasher is such a great game to really level up your patience and focus without being excessively daunting. Congrats on both that and Pier Solar! I'm really glad to see more people enjoying this severely underlooked gem of a platformer. Does the RPG portion of Pier Solar offer any challenge? It definitely seems like an interesting game.
  9. I appreciate it! I know how you feel as I'm going through similar issues with Fenix Furia, and it's definitely not fun. I haven't had any crashes with the game in general yet. I'm not sure how many times I died, but the whole run took about 1.5h using Hugo EX. I'm playing the digital version on a PS4 Pro. I was definitely getting worried after throwing a bunch of attempts at Dalles that it would end up crashing.
  10. Geometry Wars 3 ended up being a lot of fun. I started this years ago, and it felt great to go back and finally finish it up. It took some practice, but overall it wasn't anything too crazy. I ended up doing the co-op by myself as it was very doable to get max rank just by ignoring your 2nd player for most stages. That said, it was incredibly awkward to have to use the D-pad or face buttons to move or shoot. There was one stage that I almost had to grab my partner to do, but I was able to complete it after I had a better understanding of how the level worked. A lot of my PS4 time has been used up by Fenix Rage. It's a great game, but it's a buggy piece of trash when it comes to trophies. Aside from losing my progress a few times due to the game hanging on the save screen occasionally, the 5k/10k death trophies are incredibly bugged. I managed to get the 5k trophy at around 25k deaths when it felt like popping, but I've had no luck getting the 10k trophy. The game itself only took a handful of hours, but I've put dozens into trying to get these death trophies to pop. Hopefully I'll be able to claim the completion one day, but I feel it's all up to luck at this point. It probably would have been better for me to drop it sooner, but I'm being really stubborn on this game for some reason. I ended up hopping onto Ys Origin and that's going surprisingly well as I've heard some issues with this game. All I have left in that one is 2 more Nightmare playthroughs and hitting max level on a Very Easy playthrough (which is just a bit of a grind). I'll probably start on Atari Flashbacks soon as I'm in some need of quicker gratification after these past couple games. Recent Completion: Geometry Wars 3 Vita (1.19%) Added: Ys Origin PS4 (2.69%) Ongoing games: Completed games:
  11. I'll definitely take a look at your Sleepy Creek run! That's pretty much the big one that's been giving me trouble. Otherwise, the majority of them came pretty quickly. I think it's funny that the extreme track was easier to do than this hard track. Speedcuber and Anger Management are definitely the standout skill game challenges, for sure.
  12. The hardest part of the DLC is with some of the skill games as well as the dev times in the last pack. I feel the dev times are taking me longer than almost anything else in this game. (I still have a few base game challenges left) Aside from those, you should be able to get quite a bit of AGC% from completing all of the tracks and doing the random miscellaneous tasks.
  13. I'm down again! Hopefully I can manage to complete a few more games this month.
  14. Alright, I finally went back and did the thing I was dreading--Tony Hawk. For some reason, it was extremely hard to get into and put me off almost all month. That said, I did also finish up everything else other than Control, which I'm hoping to finish in the next day or two. I haven't done much gaming on PS this month as I've been hooked on some new idle MMO as well as being in a general slump for games. Here's to hoping next month is better! 0-20% ~ Wipeout Omega Collection (1%) 21-40% ~ Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD PS3 (26%) 41-60% ~ Control PS5 (51%) 61-80% ~ Geometry Wars 3 Vita (61%) 81-99% ~ Heavy Rain PS3 (81%)
  15. I've definitely been slacking a bit more this month than the previous, but I think I needed a bit of a break. However, I at least finished up Wipeout Omega Collection! It was quite fun, as I enjoy arcade racers over simulation. I played both the PS3 and Vita versions, so this one felt very familiar as it's just the same tracks, but touched up as far as I'm aware. I do regret not finishing the online multiplayer of the Vita version, so that means I'll never have the platinum because the servers were taken offline. Overall, I felt it might have dragged on a little bit due to sheer amount of content, but the challenge of the HD campaign was really fun. I'd say the 2048 campaign was a bit easier, but game controlled different enough that it felt fresh. Before Wipeout, I was putting quite a bit of time into Trials Fusion, which has been quite rough. I'm really enjoying the game, but also somewhat dreading it as everything I have left is pretty much the hardest content in the trophy list. I'm thankful that the trophy list doesn't require going full platinum times or challenges in the DLC, as that would be even more crazy than this game already is. I'm (hopefully) going to finish up Geometry Wars 3 on the Vita up for another event this month, so I'm going to add that to my current list as well. Recent Completion: Wipeout Omega Collection (1.3%) Added: Geometry Wars 3 Vita (1.19%) Ongoing games: Completed games: