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  1. Nicely done! What 3 games do you know for sure? It might be worth going with whichever genre you have least of in your lineup for picking Splasher or Ikaruga to keep things fresh.
  2. The number is for how many swaps you have remaining.
  3. Oh, that's quite the roadmap! The multi month mystery maps are especially interesting. This will definitely help keep me motivated to work through my game list.
  4. I'll join in on this one too, thanks! Will this typically be the format going forward?
  5. I've been spending too much time trying to pick games for my Tier 4, so I'm going to just pull some games from my list that don't seem like a life commitment right now. I feel that Amplitude will cause me the most issue as the last time I played it I was terrible at the game. Malicious Fallen (2.34%) Amplitude (1.41%) JumpJet Rex (0.54%) Thumper (3.47%) Skullgirls Encore (PS3) (2.02%)
  6. This is definitely an interesting final challenge. It'll definitely take a little prepping to get ready by tomorrow. Assuming that this starts immediately at midnight on Feb 22 (UTC), this countdown timer should be accurate: Also, thanks for the kind words guys!
  7. There we some issues on PC with achievement unlocks being buggy--here's to hoping it's fixed for the console release. Also, the game is usually played with a mouse, so I'm really concerned about how it might feel on a controller.
  8. Alright, it's time to go back to the current decade! I finished ICO (2011) and God of War PS3 (2009) for the challenge, and while it does feel good to clear out some old backlog, I'm ready for some more recent projects. Overall, I think this was an interesting mission and I did enjoy going back and cleaning up some games from a decade ago.
  9. Sonic Mania and Strike Suit Zero rounded out my Tier 3 completion. Sonic was much more focused on the puzzly bonus game than the platforming challenges--which was a little weird to me, but still really fun in the end. The pure speed of the bonus made it quite satisfying to get a perfect score on each level. It also seems that there are even harder levels unlocked in the Extras menu that I might try to tackle at some point. Strike Suit Zero wasn't much to write home about. When you have meter to be able to use the mech form, it was pretty fun, but even then there wasn't much depth to it. I'll try to figure out which games to put in Tier 4 over the weekend and I'll report back with a list soon. Tier 3 Complete: Strike Suit Zero (1.78%) (New) Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 (0.79%) Sonic Mania (1.92%) (New) Nights Into Dreams (4.68%) Inside My Radio (0.57%)
  10. It looks like I'm going to carry on in Dark Cloud and maybe finish up some others. This is a nice, chill milestone that doesn't require too much planning. I like it!
  11. It's definitely the hardest part. At first I was moving too much--but slowing down and taking things as they come to you seems to be much more manageable. I found joystick control to be better than d-pad since I was able to quickly flick to the side to clear the rainbow enemies and then go right back. I think I used something like sensitivity 3 or 4. I also found that tapping the shot rhythmically was a lot better than bursting something down unless one of the yellow enemies was closing in. I'm not sure how much time you put into it, but you can actually kill the yellow enemy while shooting from the slot next to them. It's only a 30-40 second level, but damn does it feel like ages. I had so many runs right to the end before finally managing to do it clean. With some practice, I'm sure you'll be able to do it!
  12. Three games down! If I never see the Atari game Tempest ever again, it will be too soon. I think the Tempest trophy took me almost as long as the rest of the list in the Atari Classics. Inside My Radio was definitely a tricky hybrid of platformer and rhythm game, but overall it's really fun. Nights Into Dreams was more confusing than anything until I realized how to score properly. It's definitely a game that missed my childhood, so it was interesting to see what all the fuss was about finally. Tier 3: Strike Suit Zero (1.78%) Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 (0.79%) Sonic Mania (1.92%) Nights Into Dreams (4.68%) Inside My Radio (0.57%)
  13. Alright, first mission is finished! Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 is done! Tempest is definitely what gave me the biggest issue. I think it took nearly as long to do that one Tempest trophy as it did the rest of the game.
  14. Thanks for this! Great job, everyone. I'm really looking forward to the mystery tasks of next month's challenge.