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  1. When checking the challenges page it says ive shared all of the 3 events once and no trophy, and i dont know if this has to with it but the royal convoy i discovered is still on the map with it just saying "you discovered this event" is this a bug or something?
  2. I know that with telltales being gone for a while they stopped the downloads for the episodes so i was wondering if i had the disk i can still download them?
  3. You still accepting requests to join? If so pls add me
  4. How do I get these to appear easier?Do I have to do all the quest before then?Or is it completely random?
  5. Thanks for this advice!I managed to get the trophy and all I did was I leveled up my cars to 320 and I found lobbies fast
  6. Yeah in the day still no luck I had to make a boosting session for it I just need 1 person to join so we can discuss times and what not
  7. Is this trophy still easy to get i tried earlier in the day to get into ranked but I kept on getting put in empty lobbies is ranked done or is it just on the time I try to join on ranked?
  8. Do you now any invincible spots?
  9. I'm 9 levels off from getting to 25 but the games xp distribution is broken so Is there any fast way to earn xp to get to lvl 25?
  10. I've been put in just empty servers and I need to win 1 operations game
  11. Will the passing the time trophy be continuous or do you have to stay in one world for the 33 hours without leaving or going to another world?