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  1. Apologies, I missed the fact that it was a GP you were referring to. For a GP, the scores are totalled across the 4 races to give the final team score for the GP at the end. Whilst the individual races are not important on their own and you do not necessarily need your team to win every race to win the overall GP, I would recommend that you aim to come first first place every time (15 points for first place) to pull up your team score.
  2. You need to achieve at least 1 star in Expert for it to be considered a 'pass', that means you must achieve one of the following: Finish in the top 3 places as an individual Finish in first place as an individual Win the race as a team
  3. You're correct, Legendary Mods do not affect the stats any more than the normal version of the Mod. The key to these events is finding the optimal character type and Mod setup for you. Examples Technique can absorb Rings from further away, so they are better for Ring challenge events. Power are better for Eggpawn Assault because they have higher defence, so they are slowed down less when hit Speed have mid-range handling and high-end speed, so they are less twitchy than Technique making you steadier at Drifting past the posts, whilst having the speed to make it quickly make it around the track before the multiplier runs out which makes them ideal for Daredevil
  4. After 5 years of putting off playing this on hard, I finally finished FUBAR. I’ve definitely played harder or more frustrating games in the meantime.
  5. I’d say it’s unlikely by that point if you’ve done all the chocograph stuff. You can definitely get it on a speed run though.
  6. I believe the site updates, just not regularly. I don't know how/when it updates.
  7. Yeah, I tend to find that the servers are a lot more active around the time West Coast America gets back from school/work (8pm GMT onwards) lol. Right now at 9am UK time the servers are all dead.