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  1. How do you get a nun pregnant ? Dress her up as an alter boy 😂😂
  2. So none of the DLC’s became free with the updates at all for it ?
  3. Was thinking about rebuying DriveClub from my local game store but can’t seem to find it on PSN store or any of the DLC’s for it ?? I know some of the trophies are unobtainable now but I’m happy to get over 50% for it but is there any point to it if I can get access to the DLC trophies
  4. Heys guys, so last month I spent a decent amount of time playing Grid Legends and I really enjoyed it that I now wanna start playing Gran Turismo 7, is it kinda the same vibe as Grid Legends or what
  5. Not gonna lie I would be okay if it autopops considering I spent over 5 years playing this game and I just managed to plat it last week but if it doesn't autopop that's okay as well because that will give me more of an excuse to clock more hours into playing it all over again
  6. Wouldn’t this flag your account here on PSNProfiles
  7. So I picked this up on PSN earlier in the year and stopped playing once I found out that was coming to the switch, months later I’ve just picked up my physical copy for the switch and was just wondering with the cross progression does playing on the switch enable the trophies to unlock for PS5 whenever I jump back into the PS5 copy
  8. Would buying a disc copy of this game and not updating it work for this glitch ?
  9. Not gonna lie I’m pretty keen to play this and I didn’t think it was gonna have a platinum trophy but nice to see it will but lowkey looks kinda grindy if I’m being honest
  10. Will I still be able to join boosting sessions and update my list every now and then ?
  11. Is it possible to remove myself off the leaderboard and then come back at a later time ? I know I shouldn’t but I’ve been mentally struggling about where I rank and whatnot and it’s been getting to me and yeah I’m aware it sounds silly
  12. I remember back in the days when I used to play this on Xbox 360 there was a duplicating trick for ammo and whatnot, is that still possible or nah ? I have a unpatched version if that helps
  13. Please use the boosting sessions section of the site for help with trophies. Individual boosting threads are not allowed on the forums.


    Thank you!

  14. I was just checking out the times for how long it took people to 100% this game and notice someone did it in under 5 hours like how is that possible 🫡🫡🫡
  15. Yeah no this is confusing, there’s no options to select any other level besides the first one