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  1. Well thanks for trying atleast. Good luck on Asura, it had me stuck for a bit but doable.
  2. That's interesting if it actually works.
  3. His Smithing Guide is all you need for anything you want. Highly recommend for anyone still grinding or just starting.
  4. I see thanks. I just finished the seal grind yesterday and saw it too. Now for the weapons.....
  5. Is Antidote a good seal to have? What does it do? I have yet to see it
  6. The same old method we all use for getting seals. Have the headband before the dragon one made and ready. Then craft a keen blade without empty seal. Save. Then craft Stonecutters with an empty seal using iron hammers until you get a seal on it. Once you do, remember the number of attempts you took and repeat it but on the attempt you got the seal earlier, craft your divine dragon emblem and hope it has Blessing. If not, craft a keen blade, save and keep going. The grind in this game sucks ass.
  7. Keep going, I did this myself today until I got Blessing at silver and Gold level
  8. Is there anywhere with a comprehensive list of all seals AND what they each do? This information I've been looking for for ages but nothing is around atm as its still early after release. Could we here do this?