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  1. Pretty sure the game has hit the point limit meaning if they do decide to add more trophies it'll be split into a separate game just like Dead by Daylight has done meaning PSVR only trophies may be easily avoidable.
  2. For anyone planning to go for this platinum using the tutorial world method DO NOT attempt to re-name your world. It will crash and cause the world to become corrupted meaning you must start over. Good luck in your hunt.
  3. Honestly, I found Kiwami's climax battles much harder than 0's but I still managed to get through them. I would say I am below average in combat in these games and did them all in about 6-7 hours. I can't really offer any advice except to follow the video "tutorials" for them and keep at them. Some of the tougher ones took me an hour to do alone. Good luck.