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  1. Yeah it was the PS3 version that i was having trouble with, in the PS4(NA) version i was also able to obtain the trophies quite quickly
  2. Ok, so an update if someone has the same question, i can confirm that the trophies are indeed shared between versions AND regions I started the game in the PS3 (JP) version and bought the PS4 (NA) version and unlocked the remaining online trophies in that version of the game
  3. Well, i guess i will have to try it, if anything i will at least have the game in english now hahaha Thanks for the response 😁
  4. Does somebody know if the trophies are shared betwen the PS3 (JP) version and the PS4 (NA) version? I only have the PS3 version but is proving really dificult to find players to unlock the online trophies, so i was thinking of buying the PS4 version to se if i could find more players to unlock those trophies