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  1. I’ve had issues as well the trophy won’t pop
  2. They have finally fixed bullzeye after a year and a half
  3. Well you could just get the disk version for $30 on eBay
  4. I got the headz trophy when I bought the game and all I did was puke outside of the balcony on the newest update I assume the trophy is probably untainable also what is psxdownloadhelper?
  5. How do you revert the game to version 1.00 bullzeye has been unattainable for months
  6. We’re you able to get the last 3 ciphers In biome 2 I need 3 as well then I get the platinum
  7. Is bullzeye fixed I can’t get the trophy and it’s my last one
  8. I would love to get the platinum in Call of duty black ops 4 but black out is way to difficult and luck based
  9. Does everyone know how to get the dart trophy because it won’t pop up