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  1. Is it still working?
  2. https://mercenary.killzone.com/ Website with all stats. How many wins/losses
  3. I changed my mind.They can close servers already. The worst multi ever! A lot of cheaters.
  4. I just wonder why producers don't pass on maintenance costs to players? For example, after 5 years the producer announces that the server will be shut down. If you want to keep the server alive, support the manufacturer on some Crowdfunding websites. I don't know how much it cost, is it $5000 per month, or maybe $50,000. Maybe someone has more information on costs? Or second option. Why console players cannot create their own private servers, such as PC players? There are many old games on PC that can still be played in multiplayer simply because they can use private servers. You can still play Battlefield 2142 online on PC. Game released in 2006. However, from December 31, 2020, PS3 and PS4 players will not be able to play Battlefield Hardline online. Game released in 2015 Where's the logic? I hope you understand my English and know what I mean
  5. I hope not so soon, because next week I want to buy PS Vita and Killzone as my first game