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  1. Jup, I can confirm it works when your Golem makes the kill. So do it that way or wait for the next Patch.
  2. But getting the first Trophies is possible? I want to test the game but if it isn't so good I don't want a 5% Game in my Trophylist.
  3. I think thats very good news. So maybe the Patch will out before the Playstation 6. 😀
  4. Sorry, I think that was the little hope in me speaking. I want those Trophies so much. But yeah, it looks like those guys got the Trophy from the PS4 Version.
  5. Are you sure about the No Trophy Fix? Here on PSNProfiles a few people got both the Last Worm and the Challenges Trophies in the last few hours.
  6. There is no way to unlock it right now. Look at the Trophy for completing all Events. Everyone who got that befor the Patch still got no Throwdown Trophy.
  7. For the guys who already got the Throwdown Trophy, is it only possible if you haven't unlocked all before the newest Patch? I have done every Event and Throwdown a few weeks ago and still got no Trophy after todays patch.
  8. Oh, so you think it' not enough for that Trophy to play every Event one time?!
  9. So you think only one people on PSNProfiles was smart enough not to play every Event and Throwdown before? Maybe there is another way if stupid Codemasters don't patch it. Seems like for the 1000 Miles Trophies there is also another way because some people got it already.
  10. Yes, same for me. This must be a joke, you can't wait a month for a Patch and then do it like this.
  11. Hey. Nice to see that statement from someone who is right before the Plat. My question about the Extra Mile Trophy, I read that you have to do all Bonus Maps in one try, is that true? I only have seen the first four Worlds, so where is the Volcano World? Is it in Career+? So there are more than 4 Bonus Worlds?
  12. I have no experience with Pumped BMX, but I think Descenders is a very fun and nice game. You can do tricks if you want, but it's not really necessary during the game. If you talk about the Platinum, I read it's a 9 out of 10 because of the two Trophies "The Golden Run" and "Go the Extra Mile". Maybe EksesDieNaait can talk about it, he is the only one who got it on PSNProfiles.
  13. What about getting all shortcuts, then only practice the last boss and then try to get the no falls run?
  14. So that means it is a 10 out of 10? Seeing that nobody got the Trophy after a few days is always a bad sign.
  15. I got it today, why is everybody discussing about that? Don't care if it's luck or skill, it is possible but maybe for many people and for me also it was very hard.