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  1. Hey. Nice to see that statement from someone who is right before the Plat. My question about the Extra Mile Trophy, I read that you have to do all Bonus Maps in one try, is that true? I only have seen the first four Worlds, so where is the Volcano World? Is it in Career+? So there are more than 4 Bonus Worlds?
  2. I have no experience with Pumped BMX, but I think Descenders is a very fun and nice game. You can do tricks if you want, but it's not really necessary during the game. If you talk about the Platinum, I read it's a 9 out of 10 because of the two Trophies "The Golden Run" and "Go the Extra Mile". Maybe EksesDieNaait can talk about it, he is the only one who got it on PSNProfiles.
  3. What about getting all shortcuts, then only practice the last boss and then try to get the no falls run?
  4. So that means it is a 10 out of 10? Seeing that nobody got the Trophy after a few days is always a bad sign.
  5. I got it today, why is everybody discussing about that? Don't care if it's luck or skill, it is possible but maybe for many people and for me also it was very hard.
  6. Jep, yesterday I was doing like 20 Server Jumps and hope to find these Random Events on two different places. They spawn really often but the amount of REP you get is so damn small. I now prefer to only do daily quests, thats a 5 Min thing and the best way, even if that means the Trophy is a few weeks away for me.
  7. Thank you very much for this tip, helped me a lot.
  8. Jep. And at Level 20 you can do the Missions for the Trophies again. I would prefer that you do the stupid Allies Trophy with your second character too. So "Go for the Gold" and "Friends in Low Places" together and then with your second character "A Golden Future" and "A Solid Foundation". I think thats the best and easyiest way to do it.
  9. So is it the best to farm daily missions for both factions with my high level Character to get both of the Trophies for the Allies and then do the Main Story for one Faction and then for the other with another Character? Or can I get the Allies Trophy only after I finished the Story?