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  1. As if Max Payne 3's trophy list didn't have enough time pressure.
  2. The OP gave the link on his post.
  3. Every time I start a race, the progress bar gets stuck at 18%. Anyone else experience this issue? Is it a problem with the disc or the PS3? (I deleted save and game data on an alt account without any luck). Edit: It’s probably the disc.
  4. As of now, the servers are still working. You stay online after using this method and your account will be perfectly safe. With regards to trophies, the ones that are related to XP in any way are unattainable due to the ranking system not working. No matter how many downloads you receive, your rank will stay at one. I tested ModNation Prospect on an alt account and didn't get the trophy after meeting the criteria.
  5. I am aware of Big Leagues. About the main topic, I had no idea on how the campaign works since it is non-linear. Thanks for clarifying everything.
  6. My plan of action is to beat the game on Veteran while getting all of the intel. Afterwards, I’ll complete the Strike Force missions and clean everything up with Chapter Select. Will I be fine with doing this?
  7. Who cares if the game is good? You get a Platinum, how could you argue with that?
  8. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-03-12-littlebigplanet-servers-offline-as-fans-report-ddos-attack https://www.cgmagonline.com/2021/03/13/littlebigplanet-servers-offline/ It’s not impossible. People are blaming Jon, who is rumoured to have not liked the current state of the game, leaving fans believing that he DDOSed the servers. Hopefully, we’ll find out the true cause of the servers being down as developers search for a fix. Edit: I rephrased my text to be more suited to what the moderator mentioned below.
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/littlebigplanet/comments/lzcez8/swissh_ddosed_the_lbp_servers_this_morningnight/ https://www.reddit.com/r/littlebigplanet/comments/lzlwrv/why_youre_having_server_issues/ I wasn't able to find legitimate proof, so there's a chance something else may have happened. I wouldn't be surprised if these claims were true though, especially because of the game's current state. I will update the forum when I find more accurate results. Sorry for jumping to conclusions.
  10. Somebody attacked the servers for LBP, which might result in a permanent shutdown. For those who still need online trophies, you might be screwed. This goes for all LBP games. Who the fuck did this?
  11. Jeffries Tubes required you to have a Vita... Finance should never be associated with trophies like this. When you're young, how tf are you supposed to afford this shit? I'm fine with pouring in a couple of bucks for new content and trophies but why a whole system? This, Infallible and Ratalaika Games showed me how worthless trophies are, yet I still go for them in my free time.
  12. If you have DLCs with missing bubbles, collect one of them and you should get Uber Prize Collector. (This is assuming that you used the 100% glitch and the trophy didn't pop.)
  13. I think 20 is an understatement if we’re talking about spawn deaths here.
  14. I started a Continuous Speedrun as Doughnut Drake and reached Chapter 12. I had more important matters to attend to though so I quit out. When I got to the menu, my save file was wiped and now I’m back to the beginning. Has this ever happened to you and how do I prevent this? Is the start of Chapter 12 an unfortunate place to quit or what because I don’t always have the ability to play a whole game in one sitting.