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  1. I have the Master of Arms decoration and only need 38 more accolades for the Platinum. The wolf spawn glitch was very effective. However, I had to grind the shotguns on Life as the wolves spawn at a distance unsuitable for that weapon variant. I should have this trophy tomorrow.
  2. Oh yeah. Skip this challenge. It is harder than Crypt of the Necrodancer and Super Meat Boy combined.
  3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 1/5/2021 Wasn't that hard.
  4. Thanks. I was thinking 35+ hours. I will use this method.
  5. Aside from some of the accolades, this is only decoration I’m missing. 650 kills for every weapon is insane and I’m worried this decoration might be my Platinum stopper. I tried going back to it but I feel like I am making no progress. For anyone who did this, please tell me how long this takes using the best strategy possible. It would help me know if I should give up or not.
  6. You got to be your own judge for the difficulty in games. Unless it is multiplayer RNG, test the game yourself to see how hard it really is. Rarities go by the community, which can create a lot of biased results on your end.
  7. It was difficult but your claim is inaccurate. With enough practice, you will do it because the time is flexible. If you are struggling bad, consider using the glitch (it may be patched). Otherwise, this is still a guaranteed 6-10 hour trophy so there is no need to share an opinion that is clearly blinded by anger.
  8. I hope this is sarcasm.
  9. My failures: Chapter 2: Shot Giovanna I was pretty clueless on my first run and lost pretty early on. Trying to shoot the enemy, a bullet lands on Giovanna, killing her. Chapter 5: Unlucky Grenades I was close to the boardwalk and was playing defensively. Little did I know, it costed me the run when the grenade icon appeared and there was nothing to do. Chapter 8: Pesky Snipers On the sniping section, I confused myself by thinking everyone was dead after killing the sniper. Little did I know, someone would come out of the abyss and one-shot me. Chapter 8: No Painkillers I couldn’t even believe how I threw out this run. I took damage like a bitch on the second encounter and that costed me the whole run, not being able to recover despite being careful afterwards. Chapter 10: Stupid Shotguns I was about to get into the bus when two guys think I shouldn’t. After clearing the office, someone pops out of nowhere and makes me use my last painkiller. I cautiously walk down the stairs and as soon as I see the final guy, BOOM! Dead as a doorknob and I was pissed. Chapter 6: Exploded IT This one is bullshit. I was playing offensive and all the sudden, the IT guy gets exploded. There was nothing I could have done. Chapter 4: Fucking Passos I was shooting at enemies when my useless sidekick decides it is a good idea to walk in my line of fire. You guess the rest.
  10. Late reply but I was referring to how there is no reason to not change the trophy. Since the developers are refusing to make Infallible easier or at least less RNG dependent, I assume it would be to favour those who have done the 5 consecutive wins. My statement was to show that changing Infallible has less consequences than benefits.
  11. Despite being a Canadian, I don't really care. I buy games physically.
  12. Oh my days, a 16 page long bitching thread over a jar of mayo. I love this community.
  13. Well, this is bollocks. I'm left with the very hard challenges that must be completed by rolling.
  14. It worked for others though. How?
  15. I got Gold on a Knitted Knight trial while carrying around another Sackperson but didn’t get the trophy. Is there anything I’m missing?