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  1. This is amazing thank you, just finished my PS5 playthrough so going to use this for the PS4 one!
  2. Yeah, if you follow the Fallout speedrunning community it's easy to see how achieveable HoorayForTyler's run is. I think people are getting hung up on the fact that playing normally it would be impossible to just run from mission to mission and 100% in those times. People like HoorayForTyler and those that speedrun Fallout have dedicated a serious amount of time to planning routes and tactics to achieve those times, it's impressive in it's own right!
  3. I mean...
  4. Got help with the trophy, thanks!
  5. This is a bug with patch 1.03 and so will most likely be fixed in 1.04 (coming next week) so if anyone is struggling now is the time to get it! To get it to pop: 1. Go over the time limit for the trophy by 1 or 2 seconds 2. Make sure you're first 3. Pause and select "Quit Race" 4. Enjoy your trophy!
  6. The speedruns should be pretty easy, there's loads of tricks to destroy the game if they haven't fixed them, even if they have I'm pretty sure the speedruns are segmented so you don't have to do it all in one go, each level will have its own timer.
  7. Hannah Montana is my proudest achievement! If you can make it through that game without losing your sanity you deserve a medal.
  8. I guess Windows Phone didn't work out then, you mentioned on Reddit a WP app would be made as well a while back. Anyway if a WP app was ever made I'd gladly pay £2.99!
  9. Lumia 925, upgrading next year though. Always stick with my Windows Phones, with 8.1 I really couldn't use any other phone. Girlfriend has an iPhone and even she can't wait till her contract ends to get one! Also have a 625 not pictured
  10. Just follow this guide, worked for me
  11. Happened to me twice, the only way of fixing it is to either join someone elses game before they finish that mission and complete it with them to correct it, or unfortunately start from the beginning. So glad I got that platinum out of the way, so buggy.
  12. Yeah in time trials you should always be tapping that square button! Got to 36 seconds, when that was number 1, last time I checked it was at 33, probably way lower now. The demo is a great example of how to do demos, loads of things to do and variety, can't wait to get the full game!
  13. And it's awesome as expected! I'm 9th on the leaderboard for "Teensies In Trouble" how the hell has someone shaved 4 seconds of a perfect run I don't know!
  14. Awesome, Origins was one of my favourite games last year and Legends looks to be even better!
  15. I was level 34, to be honest I never really pay attention to my level, or the trophy rarities. I just enjoy collecting trophies and finishing a game to the best of my ability, so being able to hide old games that I played before collecting trophies is a great feature. I'm not ashamed of the hidden games, I just like looking at a neat profile, it allows me to see the trophies I actually have to get rather than ones that will never be achieved.