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  1. Capture the FlagRemove All Borgia Flags in Rome. AC Brotherhood. Finally got all the 101 collectibles in the game, not hard but damn....took me like 6 hours.
  2. That damned sick man doesn't show up, i've tried everything. What should i do? have you had this problem too? Do I have to wait for a patch?
  3. If i die in a no vita chamber run and i retry from the last checkpoint without using the chamber is the trophy still obtainable? thanks for all the answers
  4. It worked!! Thank you so much, i've been trying to log in for days. Thank you so so much.
  5. Recently i had to log out because the site didn't update my trophy information. I tried to reset everything but now i can't log in anymore. it say that my account doesn't exist. If someone can tell me what to do i'd be really happy, thanks.