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  1. I tried restarting the chapter twice and i restarted the game once but it didn’t worked 😕
  2. I have no idea but from what i read, The escapists TWD has been having this problem for a long time now..
  3. Hi So, i was playing The escapists TWD, and when i reach te Level Woodbury, the game crashes ( usually on day 6/7)... This is very strange because it only crashes on the woodbury, all the previous levels didn’t presented problems... I already tried to delete and reinstall the game, deleted the game Data and restarded the game from scrach, but non of this solutions helped... because of this i can’t either finish the game or attempt to do the platinum... I seek any type of help, either to fix the Error or get passed on this level in an alternative way...
  4. I Have the exact same problem... all the game works perfectly until i reach day 6 of woodbury... i already tried to reinstall the game, deleted the game Data and tried to restart the hole game without any internet connection, but it still crashes... any help would be nice
  5. Thanks a lot! i've done the space race already! It was easy actually... i send the space ship in 1958. Just need to do the power of juche ideology now, i'll follow you tips. Thanks a lot again 👍🏻👍🏻
  6. So im working on these 2 trophies, im a average on this game but i can´t find specific information for these 2 trophies. So im gonna leave my questions here and i apreciate alot anyone who could answer them. You won the space race (trophy) what is the best nation to do this trophy? (I have been using the Aztecs) what difficulty is better for this trophy? what order should i do on the tech tree? (full detailed) Power of Juche ideology (trophy) What Nation is more suitable for this trophy? (I Have in mind the Romans and focus on cultural win) what Kind of win should i focus on? any extra tips? Thanks in Advance
  7. Thank you and im sorry 😅
  8. Thats good to know! Of course i dunno what games might come in the sale, even if none of the ones i mention above come on the sale, there might be any other good games that i'll consider buying... 😄
  9. My bad... its wasn't my intention 😅 That might had been a silly question to be honest 😅 My bad, im sorry 😅
  10. So guys... i am the only one still waiting for a a specific christmas sale for the ps vita here in Europe? I'm pretty sure that by this time the PSN should had release something... I was waiting for some promotions like: Resident evil Revelations 2; Soul sacrifice; mortal kombat and some PSP/PSone games. Right now the only promotion im seeing on store is Whispering Willows for Ps plus owners. Will PSN release anything maybe this next week? Is Sony not caring for european ps vita costumers?
  11. Looks like i´ll have to stop what im playing right now
  12. finally finished watching Schwarzesmarken, kind of suprise only being 12 episodes...but they were all amazing

  13. Today we lost a great Trophyhunter, my fellow Portuguese comrade Big_jonny... I didn´t knew him or ever talked to him, but i have a great respect for him, and i hope to be a great trophy hunter like him one day :`( Rest In Peace my friend

    1. DaivRules


      According to his About Me he's a "Crappy Trophy Hunter".

    2. trophyhunter583


      @DaivRules but he was a great Crappy Trophy Hunter :(

    3. DaivRules


      That's so funny it makes me even more sad...

  14. Starting Alien: Isolation today lemme see hows the game

    1. DamagingRob


      And trophyhunter583 wasn't heard from again.. for a few days. ;) As of now, it's probably my favorite PS4 game.

    2. trophyhunter583


      @damagingRob -some years later- How long have i been playing Alien: Isolation??

    3. DamagingRob


      Well, Obama's no longer President. And the world kinda got nuked.. It's a real life Fallout scenario, now.

      -Sent from an underground vault, via metal cans with strings attached.

  15. So far in your opinions the "The Perfect" already came out. Got to agree with you both, the witcher 3 and Fallout 4 are completly massive games... For some reason they are 2 of my favourite games