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  1. Follow up question, I would end up with an EU disc on my NA account. Is the pass in the PlayStation store when you click the free trial? And if so, if I download it on my EU account would it allow access on my NA one, like normal DLC where you just need the region to be the same as the game?
  2. The 2FA is actually a good thing. I have a unique password for my account that I thought was pretty strong and a few years ago I got a notification that someone bought a $3 PS3 digital game on my account. I didn't even have a PS3 at the time and never had one linked to my account. Never signed into anything using that password beyond my PS4 and the web store. Better to be safe than sorry - I could have easily lost my account I'm guessing. Sony did end up refunding me "just this once" which was a bit rude, but still.
  3. I know there's a DLC with trophies so that's a given, and I own the base game from PS+. I noticed there are a lot of other purchases like season passes, etc so if I were to 100% the game is there anything that would help speed it up?
  4. Commenting to follow this, very annoying right now.. I'm sure they'll fix it eventually though
  5. My friend and I both got this game and yes, we know it's buggy, but we were looking for something to mess around with together and we both liked the original Mercenaries. I know there is coop in this game but I don't know much about it - is it possible to do the entire game coop and both of us unlock the platinum? Or is it a segregated part of the game?
  6. I am pretty sure I had the same thing happen to me last year with the same trophy. Congratulations!!! Make sure you get an awesome platinum screenshot
  7. Hey! I'm doing the Hidden Packages now and am about halfway through. Noticed that I have 1 shot fired/100% accuracy right now, is this okay since it did not miss? Or should I reload a save? Planning to do that sea sparrow/packard trick but it's very specific that you fire 101 shots into the crate. Should I do 100 shots into the crate now? Thanks!
  8. Thank you so much - wasn't aware of the Other Regions and Releases section. Will use that going forward.. appreciate your time!!
  9. Thanks for the reply! Just to clarify - if I play my Episodes from Liberty City disc after I play GTA IV base disc then it'll still be one trophy list? Not really sure how it works with different SKUs or whatever so really appreciate your help
  10. I accidentally bought Episodes from Liberty City instead of the complete edition. If I buy GTA IV base, would they share a trophy list?
  11. I missed a collectible and was wondering if the game keeps track of the progress between playthroughs, or if I'll need to do them all over again. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  12. I'm new to the game - I've played up to level 15 twice (2014 and 2019) and finally with the 14 day free play I've gotten hooked. I may not plat this until the PS6, but I actually love MMOs and don't mind the grind. Quick question though regarding trophy tracking. For the quests it tracks different numbers (A Realm Reborn = 3760, A Realm Awoken = 4100, etc and increasing). I'm currently at 1,010 and while I only noticed this last week it hasn't gone up. What is the number based off of?
  13. Quantity over quality lol
  14. I'm going to give you a little hope here .. I'm AI grinding to level my characters to 20 through the multiverse events, with Endless being the longest. I ended up getting it in a Platinum motherbox I got from an event. I played about 20 hours' worth before deciding to platinum this game ended up having 3 million I was going to save for motherboxes if I hadn't gotten it by the end of my grind. Basically, if you focus on every other trophy and level your characters using the multiverse, paying attention not just to Random Ability ones (which cost 150k) but also the Gold and Platinum boxes there's a decent chance you'll get it. Also, a few guides I saw recommended buying Bronze boxes.. they do contain abilities but they were so rare I would not bother buying them. Gold is much better even if it's expensive (if you can afford it).. As a side note, if you want to grind any of the other online trophies hit me up! PSN: ItsAlwaysSunnyyy
  15. I read that Deep Silver was aware of the glitch that carried over from the PS3 days and patched it post PS4 release but I wasn't able to find any confirmation that the glitches have actually been addressed. Does anyone know for sure if the trophy glitch is gone?