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  1. I am currently suspended on PSN for 60 days, It has been 35 days since my suspension and I have been on my PS3 finishing some games I always wanted to play, I beat COD World At War on Veteran with all the trophies, only missing the online, platinumed Modern Warfare 2 and got a lot of progress of some other games. Today my Playstation decided to delete all of my data and I lost all my trophies and have to reinstall everything, I have my save file for World At War and Modern Warfare 2 as well as a couple other games on my USB Drive, would there be any way to get my trophies back? I guess this would be an issue with Sony, is it really that big of a deal to let us log into the Playstation Network while we are suspended? Let alone sync our trophies. I would figure it would be reasonable to suspend people from chatting with other players and playing online games but if you are suspended you can't log in at all, and it cost me trophies and save data because I can't upload to plus.
  2. For Wetwork you can use a speedrun strategy too as some help, I am suspended on PSN but earned the platinum a few days ago while offline. Wetwork gave me the most problems and I beat it in 1 minute,
  3. I use a Dualshock 4 controller to play PS3 games, some games are non compatible fully, or some functionality is missing. On Fallout 3 and New Vegas and even the Elder Scrolls games, you can't use the L2, and R2 Buttons with a Dualshock 4. Is it still possible to platinum the games without these buttons, VATs is unable to be used and I have no idea what else. Thanks.
  4. The original trophies were back from 2015, I am replaying the game to at least finish the campaign on Veteran and all the campaign related trophies. I am just hoping it all syncs fine and I didnt fuck myself out of my platinum lol.
  5. Yeah I just have no idea, because before I put Ghosts in my PS3 it was sitting at 23% on my Trophy list even offline. So I was shocked when I put the game in, on the same profile I use with all my trophies still there. That my Trophy list was restarted. Only thing I can think of is when I sync when I am finally unbanned is that I will keep my old timestamps + the new ones I earned, or just have new timestamps for all.
  6. During my 7 day ban back in early August, I platinumed Batman Arkham Asylum on PS3, It seems you can earn Single Player trophies while banned. I have already had 25 trophies on Call Of Duty: Ghosts, but when I am playing it while banned it restarted my trophy list for the game and I am earning trophies I already earned. Will this affect my trophies at all or my PSNProfiles? Thanks.
  7. Glad I already got this trophy, I love WWE and I play it competitively, I was hyped for 2k22 then my jaw dropped when at Summerslam it said the release was March 2022. Kind of wished they keep the RTG up until 2k22 but it is a dead game mode. Oh well.
  8. Most of my platinum's I did over the span of years but the closest to breaking me was 100% the list for Borderlands, those DLC trophies were so lame and boring and grindy. Max Payne 3 also pissed me off because I overestimated the time I had and I had Covid and failed at the online grind, great game though.
  9. Damn, saved me a purchase lol, I love the WWE series and it sucks that all that shit is just lost. But I heard talks 5 years ago about it being able to get into the CC. I may just check myself, just to be sure.
  10. I heard of people saying that with a Turbo Controller you can get into Community. Not sure for sure tho
  11. Yeah I seen you and helped you get that Trophy for the friend list, Glad you got it, I got everything but Level 50, spent all my time doing challenge mode only for it to be still up. :/
  12. COD Ghosts or Black ops 2 (Probably got modded servers, plus BO2 is unattainable)
  13. I heard of a way where you can get into the CC by spamming X for hours but the last achieved trophy was before 2015 so I don't know if that is true anymore. Online trophies suck, I went back to platinum old WWE games after doing 19 and 20 and cannot.