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  1. Chines Octopuses Urinate Peoples Legs Everywhere. LEGO
  2. Not sure when this game is released but it sure looks like it could be a launch title for the new 2013 consoles.
  3. Just looking for people to do projects with, small or big doesn't matter, just board of doing things on my own. But if you have people in mind that's great.
  4. Hey I'm looking to join a team of beginner/intermediate programmers in VB, .NET, HTML, PHP and other similar languages. If there is one out there that's looking for an intermediate leveled member please give me a message. Thanks, Scott.
  5. Rest in Peace little man :/
  6. An ok update, but as people have said, they need a remove trophies button.
  7. I went with the name Cainkenbow thanks, and I do apologize fir saying "gamer tag.
  8. Interesting name thanks.
  9. Anyone got any good tag suggestions?
  10. Pretty good idea.
  11. Bulletstorm and MW3
  12. Horse Riding
  13. Kill Paradise - Radio Arcade [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ztJA6RV_8I&feature=BFa&list=FLu-mHXE5S6LpkBDpUb6u9Xg[/media]
  14. For people who are already a member of it like me, its not really leading them away. GameBattles is for competitive competition and tracks wins, loses etc. I'm not trying to promote the site in anyway.
  15. Hey, does anyone have a GameBattles account? If you have and maby want 1v1s' or so on let me know. The game I'm referring to the most is Modern Warfare 3.