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  1. Not sure yet if I come across any ill let you know , still no guide for this game yet 😂 maybe one of the plat achievers wanna make one?
  2. Do enemies scale with level on ng+? Or do you not even keep your levels
  3. That's helpful thank you! I do keep hearing about crashes and glitches so I keep backing my save up
  4. When abouts do you get their quests? And oh damn sorry to hear that man!
  5. Ah I see! Have you got any companion specific ones yet? Like complete milisandres story for example cause I've done the empire area, the undead horde area and now in the necromancer area and not had any quests as yet for her Just for example
  6. Yeah I had the empire at friendly but got it lowered to neutral, but undead horde or whatever its called has just turned friendly looks like you have to be wary of choices that effect it aha 😂
  7. So I'm really enjoying this game! Trophy list seems simple enough at first glance but not much information about yet, Could any players who have gotten quite far mention any missables? I see a few complete x characters story but I assume it's side quests after they join you? Any tips or help appreciated just wanna make sure I'm on the right path!
  8. You could plat this in a day easily, after about 1.5 days I'm on 83% and that was with missing the collectable trophies and a few misc killing trophies. After about half way you can just stealth alot of encounters , and armour is your friend on super soldier difficulty
  9. Sounds like you should be okay ! Do you have an earlier save before hand just incase ?
  10. Hey all , just wanted to share a tip for anyone struggling with people dying. Back up your save! Especially if playing as Daniel it will save you having to re try a chapter all over again. My method is just back up save, delete my save on the console then re download the backup. Just thought I'd share as re playing a chapter when going for the Daniel specific trophies or no character deaths can be an absolute pain especially with many of the encounters being random!
  11. Not had that issue! Is the substance fully gone? The spotlight does overheat so do it in bursts until it all goes away . I may be wrong but I think once done you can't interact with the spotlight again
  12. This worked for me you legend, plus the trophy for buying clothes
  13. Claw actually helped me out, very grateful to him I'll just say that I actually joined the discord of the boosting session and it actually seems like a nice community. I think its just a more organised way of setting up boosting so noones time is wasted. He actually helped me out quickly so I'm also grateful to him. As another mentioned Claw also he helped me out
  14. Can I just say I installed lords of shadow earlier and had an update with no issues . EU version
  15. Yeah still works, search fast or play. Create.scare also helps