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  1. 50 I believe!
  2. I'm in the UK its 06.47am and servers are still going.
  3. When I got it I was like 57th on the leaderboard. But what I did was day 1 run justice for all demolition 5 times, day 2 8 times and then day 3 18 times . That then got me Ace the next day I think the most important part is to beat your earnings for the previous day
  4. How is this looking today? Is it too late to achieve?
  5. In my experience as I just got this while doing a quest in the first main city you get to and you get a quest to help train that ncp 'nugget'. You don't have to fill all the weakness slots of a monster ( you can't anyway as you won't have enough elements to try) you just have to actually hit a weakness 41 times. It popped as I hit an enemy with a fire weakness that I already discovered
  6. Yeah just say near the edge of the map and slowly work your way in, I've just done all the place in top 3 trophies. Very easy list on 44% after a few hours
  7. I'm currently BR 66 and I'm using Bai Ze but the increases to stats and arts are going slow now , so wondered if anyone knew of any better places? I just can't quite beat the fallen yet... And then I want to be prepared for absolute conqueror I know ancient ruins is mentioned alot but I believe I can't access that until I beat the fallen. Any advice would be appreciated!
  8. Happened to me during main story with a boss.. didn't have to try at all to get it
  9. Here is a list of everything needed for trophies 1 or two tied to quests being finished and some require certain bosses being defeated but all in all nothing majorly missable! No boss weapons required either Weapons Grafted Blade Greatsword Sword of Night and Flame Ruins Greatsword Marias Executioner's Sword Dark Moon Greatsword ( quest related ) Bolt of Gransax ( recommended to get when you can as could be unobtainable later on, to be confirmed) Eclipse Shotel Devourer's Scepter Golden Order Greatsword Sorceries and incantations Flame of the Fell God Greyoll's Roar Elden Stars Founding Rain of Stars Ranni's Dark Moon 1 ( quest related) Comet Azure stars of Ruin ( need to finish ranny quest and find 3 beasts to open a tower ) Talismans Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman Godfrey Icon Radagon's Soreseal Marika's Soreseal Moon of Nokstella Old Lord's Talisman rhadagon Icon erdtree's Favor +2
  10. Try investigating the imp statue nearby, also its at nighttime They spawn . Heard it kinda needs to be ' re activated ' if you teleport away after first going there
  11. Non are from bosses so they aren't required! In reference to me saying certain bosses need to be defeated I mean to either unlock an area or item after it or to continue a side quest
  12. Not sure about that one as I never sell weapons, just to be safe I'd keep them and not sell any!
  13. Yeah I thought it would have been too! But with the amount of weapons in this game I'm kinda happy there is only a few required haha The main quest that effects these is the ranny one, which is required for an ending anyway
  14. It's on the way to Valcano Manor, you will find a bridge which takes you up to a crater , instead head right and keep going around and you will find a site of grace and a item next to it *dude in a chair*
  15. I found a legendary spell in the mountain area next to a site of grace, but that's all so far so no idea how many there is. They have a gold border and even say legendary in the description so you know when you have one
  16. So I thought I'd make a post about this as initially it can be confusing how to use these items for summoning so thought I'd clarify ! So using the Furlcalling Finger Remedy is essentially the same old method of putting your sign down for someone to summon you. The summoning pool is activated by using the lady statue that you find pretty much throughout every area, when you use the item to send your sign to the summoning pool that's basically a way to join a random game with someone who has activated the statue in their area, so you can carry on playing as normal and will be randomly summoned so just think of it as a random coop option. Hope this helps anyone who's a bit confused about it!
  17. Not sure yet if I come across any ill let you know , still no guide for this game yet 😂 maybe one of the plat achievers wanna make one?
  18. So I'm really enjoying this game! Trophy list seems simple enough at first glance but not much information about yet, Could any players who have gotten quite far mention any missables? I see a few complete x characters story but I assume it's side quests after they join you? Any tips or help appreciated just wanna make sure I'm on the right path!
  19. Do enemies scale with level on ng+? Or do you not even keep your levels
  20. That's helpful thank you! I do keep hearing about crashes and glitches so I keep backing my save up
  21. When abouts do you get their quests? And oh damn sorry to hear that man!
  22. Ah I see! Have you got any companion specific ones yet? Like complete milisandres story for example cause I've done the empire area, the undead horde area and now in the necromancer area and not had any quests as yet for her Just for example
  23. Yeah I had the empire at friendly but got it lowered to neutral, but undead horde or whatever its called has just turned friendly looks like you have to be wary of choices that effect it aha 😂
  24. You could plat this in a day easily, after about 1.5 days I'm on 83% and that was with missing the collectable trophies and a few misc killing trophies. After about half way you can just stealth alot of encounters , and armour is your friend on super soldier difficulty
  25. Sounds like you should be okay ! Do you have an earlier save before hand just incase ?