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  1. I’ve just started this a week ago (and almost got the 100% completion at the time of writing this) on PS5. The loading is VERY janky when trying to continue a game. At its worse it’d crash about six or so times in a row before deciding it’ll load in to the game. Just keep restarting it and eventually it behaves itself!
  2. I've been wondering if to meet the criteria for a win in a team game you've also got to survive and not get wrecked in races? Just a theory but I'm wondering if that's maybe why it hasn't popped for me yet, I'm sure I've been involved in at least 20 team victories now.
  3. YAAAAAAAAAYYYY 😁 Will carry on just enjoying the multiplayer as is then!
  4. I’m hoping that team games do actually count toward the trophy but I am starting to have doubts. Across PSN Profiles or PS Trophies I can’t find people talking about using this game mode. It seems like it’d be a no-brained way to get it without boosting but I’ve played all day today on team modes and the team have won lots. Granted I haven’t kept count so I could just be off, but if I am off I’m not far off!
  5. So playing again the following night the Quickplay option didn't give me any team games whatsoever so apologies if that seemed misleading! I wonder if the Quickplay option rotates solo / team modes. Anyway you can use the server browser to find just team-based games (If I remember right you can sort the game-type column and find them that way) and join from there although I struggled to join those listing 23/24 players as they'd seem to fill up immediately. Look for the team-games then join those with fewer players and that should see you right! 😀
  6. For what it's worth the way I mentioned of muting the game via the Guide button and the Sound menu there mutes all voice audio without displaying the Mute light on the controller, if that kinda thing bothers you! 🙂
  7. If you hit the Guide button and go to the Sound menu there's a toggle there to specifically mute all in-game mic and voice audio. It came with the most recent system update, game audio still works but all voice audio (including your own) gets muted. I had to find that out within seconds of going in to my first lobby! 😁 The PS5 doesn't count progress for this trophy but so far all of the games I've found are team-based so there's a 50/50 chance of "winning" the round. I can't imagine it'll take long at all. Assuming that team-games are contributing to the trophy progress, just play for fun and you should get this anyway without any need for boosting.
  8. Interesting, thanks for the heads up! I already got the PS4 platinum years ago but never got any trophies from the DLC. I'm just about close to 100%ing the game on PS5 (Already got the plat and DLC1 done), and was hoping a crossave upload would pop the trophies for the DLC too. That'll be interesting to see. If the 102 WotD missions trophy autopops the rest might not feel so bad to get again manually, depending on what doesn't pop I guess!
  9. On the PS5 dash check in Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output > Video Output Information. That'll tell you what your current setup supports output-wise. It could be a number of things: Does the monitor support HDMI 2.1 and if so are you using the same cable supplied with the PS5? It might be that your monitor only supports the high refresh rate over Displayport which is no good for the console. Hope you manage to get to the bottom of it!