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  1. I got the plat on the ps4 on the same day the patch was released. After I got the ps4 plat I started downloading the game on my ps5. So I never even started the game on ps5 prior to this new patch. Loaded up my latest full plat ps4 save and the only trophy I received was for obtaining Excalibur. Am I missing something? I have several manual saves throughout my ps4 playthrough, but I feel like I should have received more than 1 trophy. Especially since the developers said this latest patch should get the trophies all caught up
  2. The same thing happened when the ps4 was released. If you were on the ps3, you couldn't see ps4 trophies on either your own list or friends list. But it was later updated so everything was visible and I am sure the same will happen in time with the ps5
  3. The PS5 version of destiny 2. Also happens to be my fastest plat and first ps5 plat. I would have liked to earn the trophies legit again but can't argue with that autopop
  4. There was a ghosts extinction trophy that had a similar problem. It was for escaping the map. Basically if you had done it on ps3, the trophy wouldn't pop for ps4 but they quickly patched it. So i would expect this to be patched too
  5. I completed the first one without any issues on the latest patch
  6. Fortnite was announced in 2011 but released in 2017
  7. It has been a while since I played this, but if I remember correctly nothing autopops. The egg stra trophies will be quicker like you mentioned and the teeth upgrades transfer, so it should make things a little easier
  8. Unfortunately what happens when supply gets very limited, there will be people buying up as many units as possible and selling them online at a ridiculous price increase
  9. I have a perandus map in standard. If someone still has a doryani and is willing to let me have a portal, I am willing to let you have a portal on my perandus map
  10. No worries. But ya reporting the PSN messages is going to be your best bet and block the individual to prevent yourself from getting any more
  11. I have seen a couple threads that suggested the idea of reporting toxic people during sessions or having some sort of reputation system for people in sessions, but as far as I know there is nothing like that. Or at least not a public version. Most threads just end with the suggestion to block this individual and if he/she already got a PSN warning, then it sounds like he/she got at least some sort of ramification
  12. You can use the tutorial world but before you convert the tutorial world to the bedrock edition, you need to go to game options and reset hit the reset options to default button. For whatever reason you can only earn trophies on transferred worlds that have all settings set to default
  13. The part that gets me is it isnt even all that cool looking of an avatar. At least make it look worthy of $100
  14. There is an avatar in the playstation store that costs $100. And someone has purchased it because it has a 5 star rating
  15. I pre downloaded and it took forever, I legit think it might have taken longer to download the game than it will to get the plat for it lol