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  1. Alcatraz mode works for the 10 wins trophy, that is the mode I used. I prefer the faster pace and you have 3 teammates that might be able to get the win for you as well if you fall a little short
  2. Sigil of time from linger in shadows
  3. I think the issue is you earned both 30 and 69 stars in special ops at the exact same time
  4. There have been a lot of crazy threads going on about these games. Just let people spend their money how they want and play the games they want. Sometimes these games are just a nice change of pace. I understand how a lot of people think it devalues plats but trophies should be about personal achievements. Spoiler alert, in most cases your profiles do not get looked at nearly as much as you think
  5. This is a very enlightening thread so far I am happy there is another trophy list for the disc version, not just because of the bonus trophies but because I like to be able to make different choices the 2nd time and see how the story changes
  6. It is going to be a while still before they are done adding trophies, there is still another 3 episode story line which is part of the season pass that they have yet to release
  7. Everything popped for me like it was suppose to. The one for the 3 zip line kills did take about 30 seconds or so to pop but nothing crazy
  8. In the most recent update they automatically unlocked all of them for everyone
  9. You are proud of your Naughty Dog plats
  10. I am pretty jelly on that UC3 100% I did it for UC2 on ps3 but just didnt invest the time in UC3. I got all three 100%'s on ps4 if that counts lol Brutal made things more interesting
  11. When I attempt to update your profile it says you have requested to be removed and your trophies cannot be tracked
  12. Battlefield hardline at 0.11% The kill grind is real
  13. That drive club 100% is a nice stack of trophies that I wish I had
  14. It is the same process, did you try hitting the button with the 2 blue half circle arrows? Sometimes I have had to press that and it is kinda refresh a check to see if there is an update available
  15. Each of the four 10k kill trophies for battlefield hardline
  16. I think I got these trophies back in 2015 and the servers were dead then too, I was lucky enough to get a couple people together for them. You just need one other person if I remember correctly, there is a shorter 2 person mode. But when we played the regular mode and tried to gather a 3rd random we sometimes played for hours before someone joined
  17. Yes you can, originally you could not but later they patched it so you could
  18. Anyone have a world I could use to get the new expansion trophies on? Ps3 and ps4. It would be highly appreciated
  19. Anyone have a world I could use to get the new expansion trophies on? Ps3 and ps4. It would be highly appreciated
  20. Ghosts was cross buy for a limited time
  21. NA code pleaz and good luck to everyone!
  22. Driveclub holds that record with 122 trophies
  23. 0 call me old fashion but I just stick to my playstations
  24. Any two games you download very closely to each other