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  1. It popped the next match I need tie get 51 wins apparently
  2. The 50 RTG trophy didnt pop for me
  3. I did the 50 wins and didnt get the trophy for it
  4. Is the servers still up for 2k19? I dont want to start it and the online not be up.
  5. When will server for online be shutdown?
  6. If I buy it on the actual Playstation store would I get access to all the episodes to play it?
  7. Would I get the editions button if I buy the actual original ps4 disk for MC?
  8. Have you met the R6 community?
  9. Lag

    Is there way to control the lag?
  10. I'm trying to get alot of the trophies but nobody I can find
  11. How do you know when flashpoint pops up?
  12. Are the patrols the side mission that have orange shield around them?
  13. How do you get it to trigger?
  14. One bullet for each enemy and there can be no stray shots
  15. can you do it in customs?