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  1. 1. Uncharted 2 2. Uncharted 1 3. Uncharted Lost Legacy 4. Uncharted 4 5. Uncharted 3
  2. can you switch to a plant and have it warm xp for the plants? or is it just for the zombies
  3. at this point in time probably cuphead, or star wars battlefront 2. but if i can manage to get final fantasy 7 remake done than that one will take that title.
  4. The ps4 version and ps5 version are sold together. if you purchased the game digitally prior to the ps5 release then you are entitled to the free upgrade via the playstation store. i’m pretty sure it’s just like any other free upgrade. just look it up on the store in the mobile app and it should let you add the ps5 version of the game to your library
  5. I also just now learned after doing some tests that if you have the “super fast song” modification on as well as zen mode you will get more playtime for some reason. Happy hunting
  6. i have found a much easier and less tiring way of getting the 24 hours required for the Day and night trophy. I would personally recommend you use a song like angel voices for this. Recently the game had made an update, adding in new modifications. one of these is called “Zen Mode” where it takes away all notes, walls, and bombs for the level. The whole point of the modification is to watch the light show, however, this still clocks up game time. angel voices is a 6 minute long song and the longest song in the game. Figured i’d share this so others can use it too.
  7. It looks like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is getting a PS5 Next gen upgrade. The upgrade will be free for players who already own the ps4 version of the game. This article gives kind of an overview talking about how more details will be shared soon. The game is 70% off right now in the playstation store. good opportunity to get it now if you don’t already own it.
  8. my most recent was Arizona Sunshine