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  1. I dont even have a dog in this race, just been watching from the sidelines. I actually agreed with you on some points (And dissenting voices about other things). This is so ridiculously childish, its not even funny. There's valid concerns, the mature thing would have been to go and discuss this with the rest of the CRT, whether in private or make it public, up to you. Discuss the concerns and decide if theres any changes that COULD be made to facilitate this stuff and then actually have an open conversation about the decisions made ffs. When people have raised other CRT members getting involved to discuss this, its very worrying that your reply was quite literally 'Half of them dont give a shit really'. Im not even gonna question how much of a commitment your role is as a CRT, just in the few months ive actively been reading the forums, i see how much stupid shit you guys have to put up with in the dispute threads but you made a choice to take on that role.
  2. Yeah, i used to love the Need for Speed games back on PS2 when it was Underground but never really kept up with them. I guess i bought Payback/Most Wanted as a duo-pack at some point and just felt an urge for a racing game. Payback was a relatively 'easy' platinum if you are semi-decent at drivers but there was just a ton wrong with it. I pretty much just put on Podcasts for 25 hours and listened to them whilst doing everything in the game. Started playing the new one (Rush) though and thats already a ton better. The soundtrack is great and im actually already invested in the story and its only been about an hour or so. Fallen Order, i spent £40 on, it was decent for that price but yeah, i wish i'd waited for it to drop a bit more. Unless they release new story DLC, i wont go back to it. Ive actually found Battlefront 2 trophies relatively easy? The hardest one i had to do so far were the Starfighter ones. Killing Hero ships in a Fighter ship took at least 6 hours of constant playing. I actually find it an incredibly fun game. Its definitely one of my favorites of the generation so far (Though, i still have yet to play Witcher 3/Horizon ZD etc :P).
  3. Game is still incredibly active. Pretty much all game modes still have a solid playerbase and you dont wait long at all for the games (There was an issue last month but that got fixed). Trophies are definitely 'Simple', theres only really 1 trophy thats difficult but just requires a bit of a grind. I hope that SWBF2 is on the PS+ this month, it deserves to have more players and be played by more people. Im not forgiving how EA started the game off with MTX but since they got rid of that and introduced a ton of updates, the game is a brilliant casual shooter.
  4. #5 Down! After playing through a couple of platformers/RPGs and inbetween playing Call of Duty and Star Wars Battlefront, for some reason i just got the urge for a racing game. Not sure why but as i was checking through games i had, i noticed i had NFS: Payback deluxe edition. Must have bought that at some point then. Been a rough few days but at least its done. I understand why it didnt review very well but it scratched the itch enough. Just prepping up for the Summer Backlog Challenge where i'll be aiming for 10-15 Plats/100%s over the next couple of months. Hoping that everyone is staying safe wherever you all are in the world
  5. I think 'Grind' is fine as long as it serves a purpose in the actual game. Trophies present the problem, that some games will make artificially extensive trophies to pad the 'run-time' of their games. Like, i love Final Fantasy. VIII and IX are probably my 2 favorite. I can not defend there 'kill 10k' enemies or whatever dumbass number of kills it was. It has no reason for being there other than forcing you to carry on. I could understand it, if it was over all playthroughs but they arent. Its one playthrough. FF9, even if you do everything in the game, get all the cards, all the blue magic, in one playthrough, youd be lucky to hit half of the trophy requirement. It also unlocks literally nothing in the games. Its not like the Spider-Man game, where defeating all bases, even though a grind, actually gives you a new cosmetic etc. Also, depending on the game-type, it could make sense. If its an 'online-only' (I know people hate them) FPS like Call Of Duty or Planetside 2 that requires '10k kills', that would be acceptable, you know what youre getting into and playing. Playing a single player story-based game though, you dont want to be forced to rubber band a controller.
  6. Jeeez. That would definitely be the prize of my collection haha. It looks amazingly good as well, near mint.
  7. Erm, holy hell. Did you manage to snipe one when the retro collecting crashed a few years ago or? Ive spent £150 twice on the PAL versions of Conkers Bad Fur Day but had to stop collecting retro because my wallet couldnt take it anymore. Also, lot of 'full time' sellers ruined the market around me.
  8. Spent £180 on the Collectors Edition of Star Wars: The Old Republic back in the day. Dont regret it too much, still play it almost weekly, great game (Now). Including Games + DLC, probably one of the Paradox Games. I musta sunk £200+ into Crusader Kings 2 easy. Mobile game, Marvel Puzzle Quest, at least £1200 in the last 6 years on that.
  9. #4 Down! Finally got around to playing Star Wars: Fallen Order. Really enjoyed the story, got a bit miffed towards the end due to glitches/stuttering when hunting collectibles but an enjoyable couple of days. Also finished off 100% of AC: Origins. Loved the stories in both the expansions, a TON more than the main storyline. Stellaris just released some new DLC (Love me 4x space games, so been playing that) and trophies but ALSO, they released trophies for the next 3 DLC packs. Which, ya know, is amazing because it means that theres more DLC coming but its annoying because my trophy completion is going to take a massive hit there. Just getting ready for the Summer Backlog challenge so im preparing to play Spiderman + DLC again, cant wait because i adore that game. I was tempted to start finally playing The Witcher 3 but i feel i would just get so invested in that and ruin the backlog challenge for myself so we'll see Also playing through Star Wars Battlefront2 still, only 6 more levels for the platinum + 100% story DLC and still loving every second of it.
  10. Gz on that Uncharted platinum. Tried playing through the game before but only got about 14 chapters in before sorta giving up. Far too aged for me and wasnt enjoying it, maybe i'll pick it up again later on at some point. FF9, ahhhh, good memories (Bit late with the FF9 talk). My favorite FF game along with 6. Probably in my top5 games of all time. That jumprope, the frame-rate is messed up on the PS4 version. The only really 'Legit' method of completing it, is to pretty much close your eyes and rely on the sound of you jumping, as thats the actual 'Jump point' rather than the animations. Tetra Master, that game. Its actually incredibly in-depth and fulfilling but IMO, completely out of the blue in comparison with the other card based games in the FF series. Theres a crazy amount of detail and the main issue, is that it never really tells you WTF is going on in the game, theres no proper guide to it. It never explains what the numbers mean or the different types of cards and their weaknesses to each other. Like you said though, the RNG is off the chain. Its crazy that the cards in that game, every time they're placed could have anywhere between 5-80HP and its just completely random.
  11. Glad someone else enjoyed Jurassic World: Evolution! Need to go back and Platinum it again on my new account, I've heard the DLC they added is insanely difficult though (Well, 2 of the trophies in it). Only wish that the game wasn't so formulaic. Like you said, once you found the 'best way' of building your parks, its basically a copy cutter of XYZ go in this area and repeat until 5*. How are the Beyond games? I have them downloaded but have yet to even get close to giving them a shot.
  12. Ive personally noticed slightly quickly loading times on my PS4 to my external HDD but nothing major major. I tend to download + install everything onto my external anyways due to it being 4TB but then when im looking into playing a game fully, i move it from the External onto the PS4 actual. For massive games or online stuff (Like the new Modern Warfare) i leave that on the external cause sod have a 200+GB game on my Ps4.
  13. Which he was cleared of doing, which is why i didnt bring it up. Like you said, gotta leave it for the higher-ups. Theres nothing 'wrong' with the order of trophies unlocked in any of the games, just the timestamps are weird.
  14. Haven't played Dantes Inferno but the Ratchet and Clank trophy order looks fine, nothing seems to be out of order at all. LBP Karting, havent touched for a long time but once again, nothing looks out of order per-say. The last 3 trophies (Complete Story, Star Every level and Star every finale level) make sense in that order, completing Hoard, Sweet Hoard with the Stars would unlock all 3 at the same time if every other star was got before that level. I find the dates a bit weird but the online trophies for LBP Karting were all done before the server shutdowns.
  15. Maybe because Developers don't try to cater to a very small, niche audience of trophy hunters? As i said above, theyve added the infrastructure to very quickly add new content in, be happy that they care enough to have a future plan for the game.