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  1. Anyone have any thoughts about GreedFall and Kingdom Come? Ive been waiting for them to get cheaper but i keep hearing mixed reviews about both of them.
  2. Bit of a long shot but wondering if we have any other NFL Fantasy Draft players around? I did my first draft this year with some friends, im in the UK, i follow NFL a bit, mostly just watch Patriots games as i 'support' them as much as anyone from the UK can but dont keep up with every other team around. (Other than knowing the browns suck :P) So anyways, the draft i did with friends was an 8 team standard snake draft. Being new to the draft i sorta went overboard on the WR/RB picks and ended up with 5 RBs and 5 WRs. I have to drop one to pick up a sub TE and just wondering which is the best choice to drop. Choices for RB - Nick Chubb, Ronald Jones, Adrian Peterson, Devin Singletary Choices for WR - DeVante Parker, Terry Mclaughlin, OBJ and Calvin Ridley. Im thinking the best option out of those to drop is Nick Chubb, any opinions? I woulda said AP but he looks like he could be huge for Detroit this season and i wanna hold onto OBJ because if the rumors of him going to Patriots is true, he could be really useful.
  3. Yeah, i apologise if i was snappy, its a tad late I think im just a tad annoyed because i use the forums to discuss games im playing/find tips and stuff and recently for the Avengers, its just the same few people either making threads complaining about the 'practice' of GAAS or derailing threads with constant 'Well i havent played it but...' sorta thing.
  4. I mean, that wasnt like 'YOU' as in yourself, its more of a general you to the people earlier in this thread. If you havent persecuted or demeaned anyone, great! Theres people earlier on calling people names, berating people for daring to enjoy this game. The fact that my comment provoked a response from you considering apparently you dont care is a bit weird though. Its fine having contrasting ideals about games if youve played them, i find Avengers fun AF with some glaring issues that will hopefully get fixed. I have issues like i said before, with the people that have made sure to tell everyone they have NOT played the game but still think its acceptable to berate others for playing the game.
  5. So if you have absolutely ZERO INTEREST in a game. Why come into a forum specifically for that game that you have ZERO interest in and have had NO REAL EXPERIENCE with and just consistently rail against a game that has absolutely no value or influence on you at all. Also, your analogy is completely bullshit, way to swerve to a completely ignorant comparison. Try this one, I hate heights, cant stand them. Im not going to ever go sky-diving, nor do i have any experience in Sky-Diving, so you know what i'd do? Just ignore anything to do with Sky-Diving lol. Theres some people that im sure LOVE sky-diving and have tried it many times. How can i try to judge them on something ive never experienced lmfao. Theres nothing wrong with YOU knowing you wont enjoy an experience but what a bit of an ego youve gotta have to try to judge others on their enjoyment and ruin it for them lmfao. TBH, i never played the Free open beta. I just got the game on release because i was told by friends it was good fun and i like these sorta games. Gotta say. I dont judge games on Betas regardless. Since playing the game, i havent seen much 'horrible writing that contradicts itself' (Maybe you could provide examples?) Nor have i experienced mediocre play from the game. Mission structure is enjoyable for the dungeon-looter genre. Once again, the game appeals to casual fans and people that like these kinda games. Its okay not to enjoy something but to try to tell others what they can/cant enjoy based off your mind is crazy.
  6. Yeah, as above. The whole dispute 'seemed' to believe that because OP would need to be 'carried' through Survival Crushing, thats why this couldnt be possible. The Speedrunning community in general is very very tight-nit and if there was a team of 4-5 speedrunners on this one game, they could very easily take it in turns to carry the others to try to achieve the fastest plat time possible when new methods/shortcuts are found or theory-crafted. Im not going to say 'Why did you find it dodgy' because if you have good reasons, obviously you dont want to spill so others can copy the methods but every single one of this users disputes so far (5 in total over multiple accounts?) all had this same method. The user did a speedrun using methods that whilst not being 'usual' (Because like said above, you need 2 experienced players to carry you entirely) were totally legit and they were penalised because its not the normal way to play? Glad it got lifted because unless there was more evidence provided, nothing OP did was remotely worthy of a flag
  7. For sure, theyre unpaid. Its not like they can be dealing with this 24/7 but like i said, they were happy to A. make snide quips at OP and B. Ask a question about a gameplay mechanic, that would prove the OP was a cheater but it got replied to and debunked. Theyve been locking other threads and active in other disputes. 'They'll make a decision when they're ready' is a cop-out. Whats stopping CRT (Other than them being nice people who wouldnt do it, its just a WHAT IF) from approving a flag and then just refusing to ever acknowledge it or make a decision because 'they arent ready'? The OP has given evidence when asked, multiple people have corroborated that the method in which he got all the trophies in this speed is 100% correct (Just really difficult but thats Speed-Runners for you) and unless theres some evidence of time-stamp changing, theres no proof of cheating. If they 'arent ready' to make a decision, they should lock the thread cause this'll become a crapshoot of debate/arguments and further derailing of the original point.
  8. I mean, the guy has been waiting 9 days already. They provided more evidence than 95% of cases and answered every question asked about how they did the timing (All of which check out). He has also done the same for every other one of his disputes in the past, answered quickly and explained methods before having disputes dropped. Multiple CRT members have been happy to jump in with comments, one with a little quip at the OPs expense and thats it? Im not a fan of OP, some of his replies to Off-Topic comments have been a bit egocentric but in this case, the trophies make sense in the order and theres nothing amiss. CRT members are quick AF to point out changed time-stamps so thats obviously not an issue here. If they were discussing it with OP in private, that would be cool but OP is saying they are in the dark as well. CRT do a bang up job but approving a flag 9 days ago with no comment on why it was approved etc is ludicrous.
  9. This thread is quite amusing Basically every user bashing this game and declaring it a 'cash grab' and the devil, all keep bringing up persistently how they 'Didnt fall for the trap' and havent bought/played the game lmfao. They watch the youtube videos and look at the angry rhetoric from certain users and just jump in with both feet without actually experiencing the game at all. And then you have all the others on the thread that are hyping the game, are the ones that have played it We get it, you dont like a certain genre of game, great. Its just weird how you follow around the games of that genre just to declare your hatred for them. People like different things, i love this style of game and even though there are a number of bugs (Which are being fixed daily and patches brought out every couple of days) the gameplay is still amazing. Personally, i think 'Souls type' games are the most unimaginative, dull and buggy games ive played. I just dont play them or criticise others for enjoying them.
  10. Yeah, just incase anyone sees this and has issues. Just play Survival mode, do the timeskip for a few weapons in the lunchboxes and it takes like an hour or so to get all 50.
  11. I just dont think you paid any attention to this game whilst it was in development TBH. Everything youre talking about, was brought up in 'War Table' streams and discussions longgggggggggg before the game was released. Factions and Time-Gating make complete sense when you know what the future for the game is, its been explained already and most people are excited for that. You are going to need them Faction levels for faction-specific end-game content (Think Raids in MMOs), so get grinding! They're already fixing bugs and content. 4 patches in a week, with the biggest patch coming this week that should hopefully fix everything else. Unfortunately with games like this, bugs are always going to be a problem. They cant afford to pay millions of people to do QA and stuff like this falls through the gaps when you dont have the numbers to stress test before release. They actually fixed a hell of a lot of stuff from feedback from beta. I know of at least 5-6 bugs that i encountered in the Beta that arent in the release game.
  12. Cool, once again, youre moving the goalposts. Im done replying to you considering you clearly (Once again by your multiple threads/constant bitching comments) just want to rail on a game because YOU didnt pay attention to what the game was before playing.
  13. Its a known glitch, should be getting fixed in patch 1.3 which is hopefully coming next week.
  14. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is one of the best games of this generation. If thats not a hot take, i dont know what is. Lemme explain though, ofcourse, they messed up BIG with their release. The MTX mess, the 'pride and accomplishment' reddit thread, all that stuff. They learned big time though, sure EA are still scummy but at least they listened that one time and fixed the game. The Campaign is short and sweet, its a fun little jaunt and IMO pretty much the perfect length, story was a bit 'samey' (Bad guys turned good etc) but thats just Star Wars in a nutshell. The multiplayer is incredible though. Its IMO the best casual shooter out there on the PS4. Its so easy to just jump into a game and spend 6 hours playing without realising, the scales of the battles are great and the graphics of the game just make the battles seem so realistic that you cant help but be sucked in. On a similar but relevant note. I think this generation of games (And gamers) has been the absolute worst for the 'fight against MTX/Pre-orders'. The online forum gamers, that love to complain about MTX/Pre-orders etc, are CLEARLY in the minority. BF2 was such a clusterfuck because it catered to the casual players and so the casual players went WTF and it changed. For the most part though, Pre-orders are up, MTX is up across basically every metric and people 'sticking to their guns' about Pre-orders sticks for as long as it takes for a LOU2/Ghosts/Cyberpunk to come out.
  15. Cant remember any games that did that either TBH, unless you can name some? Its not the game companies issue if you over-evaluate games and consider them 'broken' when in essence, they just arent really what you are after. You seem to be changing your tone on what 'busted' means, so really, its down to you to properly define what you mean by that before i can give you a proper answer. In terms of Avengers Games, its not 'busted'. Its actually a perfectly workable game, ive been able to put 100 hours into the game since release without anything 'breaking' that prevented me from being able to play/enjoy the game. Your analogy isnt akin to Jay-z saying 'heres 12 song album' but theres only 8 songs. Your analogy is akin to Linkin Park releasing the album 'Minutes To Midnight', an album that is perfectly good (Amazing IMO) but is different from what you expected/got because its a far-cry from albums like Hybrid Theory/Meteora. From your multiple comments on this subject across multiple threads, you clearly went in to this game with different expectations of what you expected and even though the game provided is completely playable and follows a GAAS-model that most people knew about, youve declared it 'broken' because its not what YOU wanted.