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  1. Sorry to hear about that. I know that there are also some YouTube videos in regards to the challenges and strategies to use when attempting them during the endgame, they helped me out quite a bit. In regards to the scrap trophy, like OmegaRejectz and HuntingFever said, I think that starting a new save would prevent you from obtaining the "Up to the Task" trophy since the servers are shutdown and the scrap crews are offline. Therefore it may be better to keep going with the save you are on and keep looking for potential workarounds in regards to the scrap bug. Below are two guides that I found to be very helpful during my playthrough of the game for the challenges! Best of luck!
  2. I haven't tested it out myself, but I don't think the challenges progress transfers between saves. If this is true, that would mean that "Up to the Task" would be unobtainable on a new save since the servers are shutdown. While I can't confirm this (I don't know if anyone on the site has attempted this), it may be better to be safe than sorry in this scenario. I do know that there are some videos on YouTube that can show how to get around some of the scrap bugs, hopefully they may be able to help! Best of luck!
  3. Hello! Not sure if this may help or not, for my heads only playthrough in the instances where there would only be a heart decision I would just let the timer run out on the decision. I don't know if this makes a difference or not in the long run. It is strange that every chapter after "The Crossing" has both head and heart decisions. I'm wondering if the John/Angela decision may have made the game register that you made both heart and head decisions even though there is no actual head choice in those sequences. If possible, my recommendation would be to reload your save at "The Crossing", wait for the timer to run out on choices where there are only heart decisions, and continue playing until the end. When you can choose to accuse Carver, I would recommend to let the timer run out here as well. Best of luck!
  4. To my knowledge it doesn't, but just to be safe I would be "nice" and "sympathetic" during the prologue as Anthony just in case. I believe since you don't play as Andrew until after the prologue that it shouldn't impact it, but just to be safe I would recommend it!
  5. Hello! For me this trophy popped up during my save everyone playthrough after saving Angela on the bridge section. The best advice that I could give would be to either start a new game or reload a previous save and as Andrew basically be kind to whoever you are talking to. Sympathizing with them and offering moral support should work. Ultimately, you'll be choosing a mixture of head and heart decisions, but as long as you are "nice" to as many characters as possible and as sympathetic as possible, it should pop after you save Angela, or a little bit after. Good luck!