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  1. You are very correct, sir. Concodrance OfficerDead Space 1337 Trophy 2 YEARS AGO
  2. I haven't picked up the game but DAYUM it looks purtty. Is it worth the $70?
  3. I usually just pick something from virtual riot He fits it just too well.
  4. Xbox One? pfffft. More like Xbox Lost. Although i'm certain they'll be getting better numbers from this move, so good on ya Microsoft!
  5. Super Mario Brothers. "Your Princess is in Another Castle" *sniff* she is.....she really is. SHE'S OUT THERE SOMEWHERE GODDAMIT! ಥ_ಥ
  6. No wonder Anonymous hacked PSN rather than XBLA. They wanted a challenge.
  7. hatched a Shiny Gastly (soon to be Gengar when I get someone trustworthy to trade with...)
  8. Play some Rock Band or Guitar Hero.
  9. Stupid as hell Veteran mode. Once you get through it though, the satisfaction of having it complete is immensely gratifying. If you look up walkthroughs, alot of them will give you pointers on easier ways to beat the level (for example on the mission where you have to protect the 4-story house, you can just hide behind a wall to the west until reinforcements arrive.)
  10. MODERN COMBAT: DOMINATION Supreme Commander Reach Level 72 0.21% ULTRA RARE Its rarity speaks for itself. Apparently the trophy takes over 100+ hours to boost....ridiculous. The servers have no players and you can boost with bots so it kind of helps you out, but it still is incredibly boring.
  11. Guitar Hero: WOR !
  12. Pffft, I got like, at LEAST 4. Beat that.
  13. InFAMOUS 2. It's not as hard as the first one and definitely not as tedious.