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  1. None atm because Devil May Cry 2 is alot easier than the first game. When I start Wipeout HD after DMC3 I will take this comment back since I will get my ass handed to me by Elite Campaign
  2. I was thinking the same thing, since when do we have trophy guides??? Have I been that much of a caveman not to notice!
  3. God of War III
  4. 2282 out of 2305 possible trophies = 99.32% average completion
  5. My favorite game of 2011 hands down
  6. 7.5/10 for you stevieboy You have a nice solid collection so far with a mixed bag of platinums. Your very close to a few "hard" plats like GTA IV, Prototype and Yakuza 3. Your standout is Star Wars The Force Unleashed imo, Keep up the good work.
  7. You Still Aren't As Tough As Audie Murphy Complete The Game On Hard Difficulty I'm very proud of this trophy since the enemies in the game can shoot threw walls, are almost impossible to sneak on, and can drop you pretty fast
  8. wow and I here thought my 2.5 weeks was alot
  9. Thank goodness its only Terminator Salvation and Trivial Pursuit. I don't really count Cabela's Outdoor Adventures, Green Lantern or Captain America because I bought those games and had a ton of fun playing them. Still own them till this day . What I consider a dirty plat is a game you found absolutly terrible and you forced yourself to get the plat hence why I count Terminator and Trivial Pursuit
  10. My Top Five Rarest 1. Medal of Honor Frontline(4.74%) 2. Vanquish(5.28%) 3. Madden 10(5.74%) 4. Prototype(7.03%) 5. LittleBigPlanet(7.77%) My Top Five Most Common 1. Terminator Salvation(70.64%) 2. Green Lantern Rise of The Manhunters(64.31%) 3. Trivial Pursuit(57.81%) 4. Captain America Super Soldier(56.24%) 5. Cabela's Outdoor Adventures(51.68%)
  11. Well I finished MOH Frontline a while ago ontop of that both Star Wars Force Unleashed games at 100%. I started Devil May Cry and my percentage is at 98.93%. Also Asura's Wrath DLC came out so when the site updates I will drop by a few. I want to have anywhere from 95%-99%, 100% is unlikely because there are certain DLC's I don't care for
  12. Which is not the worst game with trophy support because nothing beats Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. If you coop TS with a friend you will have fun going for the plat but the game is still pretty bad...
  13. I rather have my Uncharted Drake's Fortune plat than a Killzone 2 plat any day of the week because I truly love UDF as a game and could careless if Killzone 2 is harder. Its all about fun for me no matter the time or the skill it takes to get a plat.
  14. Medal of Honor Frontline What Do You Want, A Medal? Earn All Available Trophies in Medal of Honor Frontline
  15. @acasser - So you have no problem cutting out the middle man and having many people lose their jobs because devs these days can't draw out as much money as they used to... I in the other hand can afford video games new but that doesn't mean I want to always buy new. I rather wait a few months and get it new from amazon for half the price. Also going digital would suck because im sure there are people out there who love owning physichal copies of a game or their internet is to slow to download a 12GB game. Lets just hope for the best I suppose...