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  1. Its in "Items" and has to be done in the atelier.
  2. You must have missed all the stupid stuff he neglected to mention that led to him getting banned.
  3. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Don't be a bigot.
  4. I am well aware of what the twitter mob is capable of and I've yet to actually find any significant evidence that they went after this company. Linking a tweet for an article about the game itself isn't evidence. The twitter mob you're referencing just seems to be saying "Ew those boobs are too big" and not actually calling for the game to be cancelled. The mob typically doesn't go after small indie projects like this because it wouldn't trend or reach the right audience.
  5. I can't even find a single instance of twitter's typical hate mob even mentioning this game. Not even resetera has a thread on it and they love to go after games that have the "Anime porn" aesthetic. Do you even have evidence of them receiving death threats or people going on a crusade to censor them?
  6. You aren't locked to the chosen difficulty on NG+. There is a setting in the game settings to change difficulty at literally any moment. Very handy. The standard XP gain isn't that big on legend difficulty but the job exp gain is absurd. You can put on a couple job exp items, swap to a new job and just run around outside Hello Work with legend difficulty on. Vagabonds on normal are still better for level XP but it only takes 30 minutes or so to take a job from 1 to 30 (Considered max) with the legend method and you don't need to go back and forth from Kamurocho. If you don't already have multiple jobs leveled by the time you hit Premium Adventure in NG its better to just run NG+. With Hariti Talisman or whatever its called you have no world encounters and it will take you about 4 hours to hit premium adventure from the start. You can do Management to unlock Orbital Laser in about 2 hours while watching a movie since all the employees from substories and hiring pool are available again. Just set enough to go positive, hire and level all your employees to fill the spaces and use Eri, the chicken, Hanayama and a green icon employee of your choicefor the meetings. You one-shot most of the early shareholders and its just a matter of holding R2/RT for a few minutes at a time. Also another reason to do NG+ is for the two big spoiler fights with you-know-who. Its fun to try and beat them on legend difficulty where they're scaled to 70+
  7. No you don't. When you start the NG+ your characters start out at whatever level they were left at in the previous playthrough. In the first one if you had Charlotte, Angela and Hawkeye at 99 they stay at 99. Since the second playthrough will likely be the other 3, they will start at level 1 because you haven't used them yet.
  8. Lol my fan goes absolutely nuts during cutscenes. No other time though.