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  1. I've been wondering the same thing... can't get any trophies through the trial on both FIFA 22 and Madden NFL 22 ☹️
  3. I’ve had wonderful experiences with the EA Originals games (EA’s Indie studios) I platted Fe, A Way Out and Sea of Solitude so I’m looking forward to this one! 🎲
  4. No DLC’s included on EA Play my friend. but you get a discount of 10% on add-ons and microtransactions.
  5. Maybe or maybe not. back in 2019 I played the 10 hours trial of NFS Heat when it released (via EA Play), and I popped multiple trophies during my trial 🤔
  6. Still waiting for L.A Noire 2 here... 😢
  7. Gracias amigo peruano, lo intentaré pronto!
  8. Once you complete the league, you will receive the medal at your mailbox, so press L3 and check your mail. The trophy is currently glitched so you will get the medal but not the trophy.
  9. Yeah. Winning a online match and getting promoted to another division in online seasons (ranked).
  10. How you feeling about this fellas? In my opinion this game is like a fine wine, it just gets better with the time Source:
  11. no lo hagas amigo chileno, es demasiado tiempo y no sabes cuánta gente quede en el online. yo lo dejé tirao y borré los datos (grueso error) sino te apañaria. y como dijo el compa arriba, el modo Live Run es full pvp y si quieres llegar rápido al rango máximo debes ser bueno y que tus compañeros tbn lo sean para q ganes partidas frecuentemente y levelees más rápido
  12. I platted PvZ BfN back on early 2020 and it was a massive grind! 🤯 on the other hand I’ve never played/platted a tennis game before so I’m looking forward to try Tennis World Tour 2 🎾 being completely honest, after the April games (Zombie Army 4/Days Gone) the PS Plus lineups have been very bad in my opinion.