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  1. That is good news. Thanks for posting! 😁
  2. how you feelin' fellas. what are your thoughs on the trophy list for Captain Tsubasa: RoNC? 😁⚽
  3. Not active anymore. There's only 2XP on weekends! so next friday should be active again! 😁
  4. in my case, Red Dead Redemption 2.
  5. that would be nice! Hot Pursuit 2010 was fun 😁
  6. What about 2K? don't forget about their gambling simulator! 🏀
  7. Thank you for posting this! I was about to do the same 😁 I got Topnotch at lvl 75, hopefully I'll get him to lvl 100 before Aug 17th!
  8. FSG have announced that most of the trophies/achievements will be obtainable on Rocketbot Attack. Also, there will be 2XP weekends. What do y'all think? 😁 Source:
  9. Thank you! really appreciate it! looking forward to play this game when it goes F2P 😁
  10. Yes. Playing Warzone adds the game on your trophy list!
  11. Rocketbot mode does not count towards the 100 KO trophies related for each character.
  12. what the hell just happened to the game? I mean, it launched like 16 days ago full price ($29,99) yesterday dropped to ($5.09) and now they announce it’ll be free with EA Access at the end of July. All of this things happened on like 2 weeks... wtf
  13. jajajaj al final me lo terminé comprando, vale la pena estando a 5 dólares. Está super entretenido la vdd!
  14. mala volá rey, justo estaba pensando en comprarlo ahora que está a 5 dólares.