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  1. For all of those who enjoy this thread, have a great week!
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul to Squeeze (1993)
  3. Let the Games Begin Earn enough FUT Champions Qualification Points to qualify for FUT Champions Play-Offs The Winning Formula Build a squad with 33 Chemistry Points in FIFA Ultimate Team High Grades Get an "A" rating for a transfer negotiation
  4. Little Nightmares II #166 Primetime Content Consumer Your life is now free of challenges. Congratulations 50.02% | Common 1 week, 2 days, 2 hours. Wow! Such a lovely videogame! I enjoyed this one even though the hospital level was testing a bit of my patience haha. Anyways Little Nightmares II is highly recommended! You can get the plat in under 2hrs with a video-guide but I decided to enjoy my time with the game! ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. The Gardens Between #165 Platinum Garden Collect all other The Gardens Between Trophies. 66.33% | Common 3 hours, 39 minutes. Wow! I had such a joyful experience with this Indie game! All I knew about this game is that it got added to the PS+ Extra catalogue so I wanted to play it and it was such a nice experience, very chill videogame with beautiful game art design! I had to go to one of their social media (Instagram) and leave a comment 'cause I just loved the game!
  6. P.O.D - Boom (2001)
  7. My first name is "Ernesto" (Ernest in English) but everybody calls me Neto since I was a kid, and I came in with Style as I've always felt that I got my own "style" from the way I do stuff on my personal life, the way I behave, very different music tastes, dressing, etc. I do things my own way as I don't follow trends and don't pay attention to what others think of me. Even from a trophy hunting standpoint, I got my own style as I pick whatever the hell game I want to plat, I don't care about having 1k plats and climbing through leaderboards ๐Ÿ˜Ž haha yeah from the first moment I saw you on this site I figured out it was about those two great bands, good shit.
  8. Bad Bunny - Titรญ Me Preguntรณ (2022)
  9. It seems that there will be a PS+ sale soon! and yeah I prefer PS+ Extra too.
  10. Cris Mj - Una Noche en Medellรญn (2021)
  11. No time to lose Complete the CCTV sequence in four minutes. Backpack Guy Kill gassed or blinded enemies using a Molotov, Semtex and Frag in 'Prison Break'. Practice makes Perfect Shoot all the targets in the training area in 'Ghost Team'.
  12. RIP Takeoff - Crazy how life can change in just a matter of seconds...
  13. In Cahoots Win 10 Co-Op games with online friends in FUT Squad Battles or FUT Division Rivals Tune Your Club Play at least a match with 3 different goal songs in FIFA Ultimate Team Slowly working through FUT mode in FIFA 23. Had a great time playing those co-op games with a real life friend! โšฝ๐Ÿ‘
  14. Thanks for the info, I'll be waiting for that updated trophy guide on your website. Your trophy guides have helped me a lot on like 6 or even 7 different videogames, keep up the great work!!
  15. Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure #164 Ice came, Ice saw, Ice conquered Collect All Trophies 20.31% | Uncommon 1 day, 21 hours, 6 minutes. I've been wanting to try and play games inspired by movies and this one came to PS+ Extra a few weeks ago I think so it was time to try it. Not the best videogame or the most polished one out there of course, but it was a enjoyable experience! ๐Ÿ™‚