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  1. I just picked up Drakengard 3 recently after playing Nier Replicant on PS4. Looking forward to that!
  2. This is the 1 and only list (per platform) from now to end of game. There won't be another list when it is out of beta
  3. It only auto pops the stand alone intercept trophies on the dlc intercept if you own the dlc.
  4. Thanks OP for posting this as I don't use Twitter much. Been grinding all the MP trophies from 0% progress to fully done. That pressure lol. Good luck to everyone working through this and fingers crossed it gets extended. Edit: Base game only as don't care for the DLC
  5. It is the full list and won't change when out of beta.
  6. Oh really? What trophy is bugged now?
  7. No problem. I just finished going through the DLC trophies few weeks back and loved it. You'll have a great time playing.
  8. FF7R on ps4 is only the base game still in case you thought intermission/intergrade was for that too now. Still ps5 only
  9. They was saying its so you can't download a game and stay offline and continue playing. Not telling the other person to go offline and play forever which of course does not work.
  10. Yeah it didn't work at first but ended up showing free ps5 upgrade after an hour or so. Did you get it working?
  11. Damn getting this platinum legit a few years back is depressing knowing this existed
  12. No difference at all. Seems like sony only done it for trophy people to get a sub and double dip platinums.
  13. Resident evil 4 HD for me. Launched with 12 trophies same as code Veronica X when ported to ps4 they kept the 12 trophies but code Veronica it was part of the ps2 to ps4 programme so they added a full trophy list with plat
  14. Makes more sense for you both to do it then right? Since I'm done with ps5 version and both of you need it. I might pick the game up down the line on pc as the whole no crossplay/platform thing and lack of console players is just shocking.
  15. I just done it for ps5 last night but happy to help. I'm now struggling to do 50 quickplay on ps4 haha it never ends