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  1. I wouldn't say it's easy to count when it's glitched. If you do them online in co op it seems to cause issues as myself and a friend done 50 hives Co op then I done 20 solo and it popped and they done 45 solo and it popped. If it tracked it for us we could see how many have actually registered as being completed.
  2. Restoring licenses in the settings has fixed it for me with 2 different games. Give that a try.
  3. Thanks mate that worked! Nothing else did including installing and cancelling etc so glad you posted.
  4. Has anybody else had this bug where even after MK11 (ps5 free download via ps4 disc) is deleted from the ps5 menu it still appears and won't remove itself? Perhaps someone has had it with another game perhaps but first time for me and literally no way to remove it. I don't even have MK11 anymore so find it quite annoying that it won't remove itself after deleting. I even tried redownloading the entire 80gb file and deleting again and no luck.
  5. D'oh! Yep that is right exactly 48. I'll follow the steps again above even though my systems still say it's not hidden and privacy is public. EDIT: Problem solved but was a mixture of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round listed twice without me realising. Turns out I Hid the Core fighters (Free to play) version years ago and now that i played the full one it affected those trophies. So hopefully useful if anyone else has similar issue!
  6. I have a platinum (more specifically an entire trophy list) for a game missing. It was one of my recent ones so was easy to spot. It's not hidden on any of my systems and ive refreshed etc and it picks up my new trophies fine but that list is not here in its entirety. I have a feeling it may be multiple unlocked at the same time (Dead or alive 5 has lots of easy ones that can be done within the same fight or tutorial e.g. look at move list and look at move description as well as play online match + play any match outside of training etc). Would that be what is blocking it from this site that it was earned quickly? Wasn't disputed it's just not there. Cheers
  7. gforce-92 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitch caused trophy to not pop for 3 or 4 stars which was known by the developers at the time. Once completing the requirement for 8 stars after deleting game data this triggered all 3 trophies to pop.