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  1. I just done it for ps5 last night but happy to help. I'm now struggling to do 50 quickplay on ps4 haha it never ends
  2. The online is a ghost town, trying to do the competitive x5 wins against higher ranked players but never gotten into a game with endless searching. Is it really dead this close to release?
  3. Working for me just had to redownload everything again
  4. I think the chance of finding someone else with old firmware AND has tried resident evil Village on it will be rare. No harm in just trying your friends copy
  5. Just confirming that I definitely can't play any ps plus games I had on my memory card for years. They all say expired June 2021 with only my paid purchases that were already on the memory card and my cartridge games working. Unable to download paid purchases and plus though. Seems to be affecting people differently like how above has 3 extra years showing as expiration etc.
  6. I've been talking to someone on twitter with the same issue and they got a reply from Sony Sony's reply: Regarding your enquiry, for PS Vita and PS3, the download and purchase feature is temporarily shut down due to our store set up error, please kindly wait for I to 2 weeks for our maintainance to be finished. Let's hope that is a genuine timeline and the CS rep didn't try brush off the issue.
  7. I've already tried activating and deactivating etc. No luck at all. For reference, - UK region - UK Launch vita and PS TV - tested on spare German account and worked fine so can't confirm if UK exclusive issue etc.
  8. Was on the same Vita and also same issue on my vita tv. The game I tested that I owned was my code for Final Fantasy X-2 that came inside the box of the game and I get the same error. Same for all my psp games too not given with plus. Not sure what is going on.
  9. This sucks, got the same issue with no resolution. Big fail from Sony not allowing purchased and freebie ps plus games to be downloaded on my account. I tested it with Imaginstruments on a dummy account and downloaded fine and tried on my main account and had the download error. Really annoying
  10. I haven't seen anybody mention it here and only a post from June 2021 on reddit with no solutions but I can do free roam, side activities, dlc with no issues but if I started the main story Pierce quest called Trafficking then the game gets to his dialogue saying something about his demo tape and it crashes always at the exact same part each time. Unable to proceed past this mission. I tried doing the trafficking side mission without activating the main story quest from him which essentially is the same thing but no luck. Any tips?
  11. You legend now I just feel silly haha! The game didn't warn me that there was a cap unless I missed it early on. Don't be a noob like me and spend your damn money on pointless hats!
  12. The game has been working fine up until now where chests have no items, killing enemies or hitting blue crystals that usually give money do nothing and even purple butterfly marks don't reward a rot. Has anyone else had this glitch? Tempted to stop playing if no fix.
  13. Yep will have to redo it all as your ps4 one will be a fresh save if working backwards and continuing on ps5
  14. I just ended up playing the ps4 version and doing the mission causing the issue as soon as then continuing on dedicated ps5 version. Annoying as shouldn't have to do that and also now have an incomplete list on ps4
  15. Yep dedicated ps5 version. I managed to get a work around for this mission only. Had to install ps4 version and complete the mission then continue the save on the dedicated ps5 version and so far no issues. Very annoying having to redo the intro missions of the game again but at least it's working now. Ps5 version was a download so was unable to remove any patches from what I could see. Wish I tried this now as would be interesting if it worked. Where did you find this solution as googling came up with nothing of the sort? That's such a shame mine is working OK for now after using ps4 version to get past the 1st trafficking mission but no idea how to fix it for dlc. Perhaps try disconnecting from online like above suggestion. Fingers crossed for you.
  16. UPDATE: Starting a fresh save on a fresh ps5 install did NOT resolve this sadly. No point keeping the game now.
  17. Thanks both will try a new save. I did reinstall with no luck so hopefully a new save will fix it. Will report back when I get round to it
  18. Yeah its bugged. I had to leave it running for a consecutive 50 hours for it to work as it never saved my progress and crashed instead.
  19. I recall x3 speed not speeding up the in game clock so you have plenty of leeway
  20. I think it would make it harder as it would add more enemies I believe but also the points get divided across players based on damage dealt etc so 1 may get an S rank not everyone. I personally found it easy enough with SOR1 axel solo on hard around launch unless they nerfed it. Also 4 player I would imagine is via shareplay to some extent perhaps?
  21. This trophy list is insanely bad! The requirements of basically using 2 characters throughout is insane
  22. I wouldn't say it's easy to count when it's glitched. If you do them online in co op it seems to cause issues as myself and a friend done 50 hives Co op then I done 20 solo and it popped and they done 45 solo and it popped. If it tracked it for us we could see how many have actually registered as being completed.
  23. Restoring licenses in the settings has fixed it for me with 2 different games. Give that a try.
  24. Has anybody else had this bug where even after MK11 (ps5 free download via ps4 disc) is deleted from the ps5 menu it still appears and won't remove itself? Perhaps someone has had it with another game perhaps but first time for me and literally no way to remove it. I don't even have MK11 anymore so find it quite annoying that it won't remove itself after deleting. I even tried redownloading the entire 80gb file and deleting again and no luck.
  25. Thanks mate that worked! Nothing else did including installing and cancelling etc so glad you posted.