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  1. Does anybody know, when this game is going to be released in the psn?
  2. Up/Down strums are elemantary for beating the higher difficulties. I recommend to practice this as soon as possible
  3. How does this count? I am pretty sure, that I strummed over 5 million times that Bar-.- Or is one Up/Down strum counted as 1?
  4. Does the Season pass include all dlc trophys? EDIT: Yes, it has.
  5. Is there any possibility to buy this theme somewhere? Or is there a way to get this shared somehow?
  6. Ryona is the most naughty one. Bully me (^.^)
  7. Thank you for the answer. It's rather pity to hear that. unfortunately the codes can not be activated with an non japanese PSN account I hoped for a complete edition with the prequels retail,eg like the senran kagura bon apetit
  8. Does the english patch in the vita version work at all Chaos rings versions? (1, 2, 3, omega?)
  9. This game is awesme. Very smooth gameplay, nice graphics and and really sick Fatalities!
  10. I look forward to play this one too. It might me time consuming, because of XP grinding.