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  1. Platinum #123 - SAKUNA: OF RICE AND RUIN Enjoyment - 9/10 Difficulty - 3/10 Platinum Time - 32 Hours Just want to start off by saying this game is such a fantastic gem. Such a great combination of 2.5D dungeon crawling/platforming combined with an awesome in depth rice growing simulator (Sounds better than I made it seem) where if you enjoy slowing down and managing resources like Stardew Valley you'll love it. The game features a lovable cast of characters that helps develops them as the game progresses through great character scenes. Story is nothing amazing but it is serviceable and the setting works well to give you a sense of exploration as you unlock more of the island and go through the different locales. Honestly, the game was a joy to play from beginning to end with the dungeon crawling/platforming action being supplemented by the use of your divine raiment, which essentially functions as a grappling hook to help grab onto both enemies and platforms for mobile action. The rice farming section of the game is interesting as you don't level up in the typical way through killing monsters, but because you play as the harvest goddess, your stats correlate directly through your rice harvests and how well you maintain your rice crops. The depth of the crop managing aspect is deep, with initial crop spacing, water management, weather, weeding and much more coming into play. The best thing of the game is that it gives you a choice of how deep you want to go into either sections of the game cycle, where if you would like to focus on creating the perfect rice and maximizing stat gains then you can definitely work to achieve it but you could also spend a lot of time dungeon crawling and collecting resources. There will definitely be points where you need to grow rice to help develop your stats but your time can be spent how you want if you're not looking to progress too fast. Overall I would highly recommend this game to anyone that thinks this might sound interesting. Great folklore style Japanese bgm touched with a fun gameplay loop and likeable characters make this an amazing, unique experience. This is made even more amazing that this was only developed by a 2 man team. It's pretty nuts to think only two people created this but hats off to them for creating such a fantastic game that I won't forget anytime soon. Game is 30% off until 7/8/2021 so pick it up while you can! Hope you enjoy!
  2. I'd give a 6.5-7/10 for your list. I think you have a solid list and I do like how you start off pretty shooter heavy and then diversified into some other types of games. Completion wise I think if you touch back to finish some games maybe it would be a more solid list, but as to your status message. Play whatever you want of course.
  3. 8.5/10 due to the over 90% clear rate and people can play however they want to play their games but I do always like/support the mentality of playing games that you genuinely want to play and going to the extra effort of completing them. I think once you build out your list more and get more plats under your belt the rating will only go up. Good stuff.