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  1. Nope, I unlocked it simply by equipping the (now unlocked) subclasses on my hunter. I think I may have had to do the level 4 way of the 'whatever' on each path as well but if you have a character from Y1, there is no need to create a new character. Trophies for new characters not made during D1 should unlock automatically.
  2. Whoops. Didn't mean to do that... Just wanted to say that in Season of Arrivals, power level for challenges/flashpoints appears to be 1000. But other than that, good guide and thank you
  3. I can confirm what I know for me which is that the rest mode glitch has been patched out and is no longer applicable but the 2nd triangle puzzle glitch while going for the Challenge trophy has not been patched out and, at least as of last month, is still usable. The 2 puzzles before the end of the game and puzzles before the 2nd triangle puzzle in the Challenge are, as far as I'm aware, completely on you however.
  4. Actually, that's a fair point. Can anyone confirm whether playing from the disc and forcing original version of game works as this is an online only game? Could be a way to work around glitched trophies?
  5. Figured as much. Goddamnit having them out of TH so can only do it in QP/Ranked now! Thanks for the reply
  6. This might be an obvious question but do impact grenades count toward this trophy or does it have to be frag grenades? Cheers.
  7. So I said I'd come back when I had an answer and I now have an answer. Sadly however, that answers still makes no sense. So, I recorded rounds played and here's what I had when Full Roster unlocked: - Sledge: 20 Thatcher: 21 Ash: 20 Thermite: 20 Twitch: 20 Montagne: 20 Glaz: 20 Fuze: 20 Blitz: 10 IQ: 11 Smoke: 20 Mute: 20 Castle: 20 Pulse: 20 Doc: 20 Rook: 20 Kapkan: 20 Tachanka: 20 Jager: 17 Bandit: 10 Give or take 1 or 2 for each due to general boredom and poor record keeping but that's what happened for me. Hope that helps but that doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason whatsoever here!
  8. I'm working toward Full Roster but Old School was broken. Old School unlocked for me at 13 each so expecting Full Roster to take at least 20 each based on what I can see from other forums. Will report back once I've finished.