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  1. DOA5 Last Round (PS3): I wish I knew before that the description of "Unchallenged champion" trophy was wrong in my language, I actually had to complete with just 1 character the combo lessons and not every character like it said. Missed only that trophy to get the platinum, I did it using Hitomi.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm from Italy and I play videogames since I went for the first time in an Arcade with my friends and saw someone playing SF2. I think about that as an imprinting to videogames, I swear I'm not a bird. I couldn't play at home, my dad had an old C=64 and no games, so I played often with my friends' consoles, especially Sega Megadrive/Genesis. 90's were full of beat'em ups and that's still my favourite genre when playing. I also like point-and-click, like Monkey Island series or Zak McKracken. Then after graduating from school, with my first job I managed to buy a PS1 and Soul Blade. What a game. I never played videogames more than three hours, so I had to take a breath. also discovered survival horrors. I don't want to list every game I've played, but I realized after many years I was more into indie gaming, because I was tired of sequels or having again the same experience with better graphics. Then real life wins and I stopped playing for years, until I found an used copy of Yakuza 2. I liked the first game on PS2, I couldn't resist and I had to go back to Kamurocho, even though I promised to play something different and not another saga. And after Yakuza 2...that's why later I bought a PS3, just to play Yakuza 3. Actually I couldn't play it, until 2016. Too busy at work and I knew it wasn't a game to play for 10/15 minutes, so when I dusted off the console I realized my dlc code was unavailable. I felt like I was old, didn't understand this world of dlc and paying for something it was already there in old games, but enough of boomer ranting. Looks like I have to buy a PS4, too. I really like hunting for trophies, I love when there are hidden trophies and thinking what kind of thing I have to do to discover it. Most of my friends play just on pc and mostly shooters like CoD, which I hate. Since I can't go out, I want to hunt trophies and settle the score with games I haven't completed yet, or some missing achievements in what I have already finished. I'd like to lend a hand to players that miss something requiring playing co-op or something like that, even though I already have that trophy. Help me and I'll help you, if we have the same games of course. My PSN account has the same name, feel free to add me if you need help, I can't guarantee to be there playing in a minute but I'll do my best. I see there is a gaming sessions topic, so later I can post something on there too. Sorry for my poor English, in many years I had a little chance to speak/write in English with someone, I want to think about this forum as a good place to train my language skills, too. Let's have fun playing.