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  1. Hi, I had the same problem and I solved it this way, hope this can help someone here. I'm using ADBlock Plus with Opera as a browser, when I saw that ads again I clicked to ABP button near that URL bar and choose "block element", so you can manually choose what to block. Make sure the whole ads is in red before blocking it, and it will be removed when you refresh the page. I'm not a premium member, and before writing this I tried again logging in and out, still no ads here. I guess it works too with Chrome, but I don't know if it has still this extension, it's been years since I used Chrome on my old laptop.
  2. Samurai Shodown VI Enduring Samurai (Clear Survival Mode) Thanks to @Copanele advices, it wasn't really that hard achieving this trophy. I suggest following his trophy guide if you are planning to 100% SSVI, this is the hardest trophy this game can offer and last two bosses are the main reason (remember SNK boss syndrome?) Actually, the most difficult thing I faced was aiming at monkeys, eagles, dogs and that kind of Pokemon in Survival Mode. They are shorter and faster than humans, so even with Mina's bow I had a little trouble hitting them. I needed a third attempt to kill Demon Gaoh, but I finally did it, and it was really satisfying finishing Survival Mode and get this Ultra Rare trophy.
  3. "A Secret Prize" - Untitled Goose Game HONK HONK HONK HONK ...HONK
  4. "Has everyone here tried not being angry all the time about everything" (@ChunkyKong64)
  5. Hypnospace Outlaw I needed a change of pace after grinding in NieR and Berserk: Band of the Hawk and well, my wish was granted with Hypnospace Outlaw. Nothing better than go back in an alternate 1999, browsing pages and reporting illegal activities, copyright infringements and other shady things happening online. Puzzles are too easy in the beginning and really hard in second half of the game. Sometimes you have to be lucky investigating the right page, or you have to think outside of the box to close the case. But believe me, it is really satisfying once you do it. If you used GeoCities, Napster, and remember how slow was Internet in those years, or feared/laughed at Y2K bug, this concentrate of 90's nostalgia is definitely for you. If you don't, it is surely a different experience. You'll love or hate this game. Also, you can buy a virtual cute hamster with wings you have to feed and take care, while it will poop everywhere on your desktop. What else?
  6. It's coming ROME! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
  7. Ps3 superslim here (EU), bought used, changed HDD last summer, log in successful. After a hour I tried again, still everything ok. Last time I played MP was almost 5 months ago. I'm worried about this, but I take this news as a way to tell me to complete my ps3 backlog as soon as I can. And if I can't, at least I tried. I sincerely hope there is a way to let blocked ps3 to play again.
  8. This update is clearly for eSports, devs just made up a lazy trophy list favouring grinding instead of skill, or other single player modes. I played and 100%ed Divekick too like @Vergil said before, so 1200 matches don't bother me. A trophy list based on achievements like clearing chapters of the good old Quest mode of VF4EVO would have been great. In my opinion, real problem is not the lack of platinum, the bad thing is that almost every beat'em up is looking for eSports, and without "online vs" mode I feel like I get always 1/4 of the game that could have been (well, excluding DLCs). Ranking mode is nice to play, little by little I'll reach 1200 matches. Also, VF is maybe the only beat'em up where you don't receive hate messages if you win/lose a match. Spammers are here too of course (I'm looking at you, Shun Di users) but I'm amazed everytime I see great combos from skilled players. VF is really for beat'em up lovers.
  9. I have EU version too, and even if I finished the game on right time it didn't unlock. Looking at your timestamps, it took almost 4 years since your first playing to unlock it. Do you remember what you were doing when you see this trophy pop? You were playing a game or something else?
  10. Same here, same error. Tried for half an hour and right now I can say it's finally syncing trophies on my ps3. I have my avatar again too.
  11. Assassin's Creed III An Extraordinary Man Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man. 9.32% Very Rare Last year I had so much pain trying to get "Download Complete" in AC: Brotherhood, and now I got this trophy and also "Head in the cloud" with no bugs or glitches before the achievement. I guess karma really works this way. I like the idea behind this trophy, but it's boring while doing it and I admit I had more fun killing 10+ Jaegers or something else more action related.
  12. GTA: San Andreas (PS3) The Key To San Andreas (I did it, @Rick_Sanchez 😁 thanks again) I finished this game on ps2 on Christmas 2004, so many years passed since then that I forgot most of the story and missions, while I still remember most of it from Vice City (still my favourite of this series). But thinking back to this game, it was too much in many ways: the dating simulator, the jetpack, and the RPG elements like hunger, weight and muscles. It was fun like first time, and these trophies gave me new challenges. I finally completed the 12 levels of Vigilante mission and actually I never exported cars because I didn't notice this minigame during my first play. Also, I love the music selection. I learned so much about songs and bands thanks to these radio stations, since GTAIII. So sad RATM aren't on Radio X this time 😒
  13. Played ps3 version until half of mirrored chapter 2. Then I changed my HD, but I still had a backup of my savegame. Last week I decided to finish this game, although I got some trophies I panicked because looking at completing list I had 0 instead of 8 trophies, but if I exit the game and play again, I can finally see my trophies. About this trophy, I took every wisp while playing chapters, then the two outside the house and my last wisp was in the mirrored corridor 3. Got the trophy after two seconds. I was online when attempting to take them. Maybe there's a certain order to get every wisp and have the trophy?