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  1. Would have been Megamind before I got the Mayo plat. Only two throwaway platinums I have, but at least Megamind was an actual game lol.
  2. I was born in ‘90 and we had an NES, SNES and Atari in the house when I was a kid, so around 30 years or so?
  3. The Dreamcast VMU was awesome!
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers Vanderbilt Commodores UCLA Bruins
  5. Lmao so true. I became an adult, sold most of my games and consoles to pay bills and now I’m in the habit of buying it all back lol. The only thing that I collect right now are CIB copies of games, consoles and the accessories. The collection is quickly growing 😈
  6. Spend time with my family, play guitar and nerd over baseball stats.
  7. 1. PS2 2. PS1 3. PS3 4. PS4 All of the consoles are good and serve a different purpose, but the PS2 seemed to have the majority of quality titles that really influenced even how modern game worlds are constructed. Survival Horror and jRpgs were my shit on the PS1. In hindsight, I was a little young at the time and didn’t get to truly enjoy those games though until I was a teenager. The platform games were perfect for me back then though. PS3 had a lot of games I enjoyed as well but the PS4 has mostly been multiplayer games and I’ve always been more of a story/gameplay gamer. This isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate the awesome single player experiences that have been released on the PS4, I just don’t personally enjoy them as much as the ones from past gens. I don’t see the PS5 making the top of my list in the future either with how loosely the word “service” is being thrown around. Battle Passes have never appealed to me either and I could honestly care less about cosmetics in an online game. Take my $60, give me an original and creative game and then leave me the hell alone.
  8. Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Silent Hill 2 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas NFS Most Wanted Manhunt Echoing the same sentiment but damn, the PS2 was an amazing console with so many games.
  9. 1. Resistance trilogy 2. Mass Effect trilogy 3. Demons Souls Hell, I would even be happy if they put them on PS Now.
  10. I’ve been having a blast with Shenmue 3. It’s very clear that the experience was created to serve the fans and it’s evident in the gameplay, dialogue and abundance of Easter eggs throughout the world. Corey Marshal maintains the same sound that he did 20 years ago and the supporting cast is much improved over some of the laughable character voices from the previous titles. It won’t run for any “Best Voice Performance” awards but it hasn’t negatively effected my enjoyment of the game. The controls feel very much like they did on the Dreamcast versions, which I am pleased with. I don’t feel that they’re bad in any way, it just controls very much like a Shenmue game should which will feel different for any newcomers to the series. Spend awhile with the game and it won’t take long before everything feels natural. The only negatives I can think of so far is the inability to skip cutscenes, the lack of YS Sega games in the arcade (for obvious reasons) and not being able to switch fishing locations without turning in your rented equipment. Nothing major. It is clear though that’s it’s a nostalgic experience meant for the fans and most newcomers will have a hard time finding the appeal. I never understood the complaints toward the graphics. The textures are smooth and the art team obviously wasn’t shooting for a photorealistic look.
  11. Pretty easy looking list. I'd like to see a longer list with some harder trophies in the future but that's probably unlikely as the trophy lists have all kind of been the same.
  12. I'm not sure where the infatuation with turning old cartoon characters and now gaming icons into live action characters seemed like a good idea. If I were still a kid, I would much rather prefer their original versions.
  13. I see a big difference between trophy hunters and the nerds/geeks I grew up with. Gaming is such a huge market nowadays, unlike from when I was growing up, that it's hard to label gamers as most people play games of some form.
  14. Mass Effect series Restance FoM & Resistance 2 Yakuza 3 Gta IV Far Cry 2 NIER Call of Duty World at War Battlefield Bad Company series Dead Space & Dead Space 2 Final Fantasy XIII Max Payne 3 Metal Gear Rising Brutal Legend Demons Souls Tons of games.
  15. With the size of my backlog and games I am still discovering, I'd say it's going to be a long while.
  16. Motorstorm came with the console and I bought Modern Warfare, Genji and Resistance Fall of Man. GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid 4 soon followed.
  17. I have no problem going back to any of my older consoles. Good graphics are a nice thing but there's so many great games on most consoles that I rarely find pulling one out to be a chore.
  18. Good review man. My brother-in-law just bought a set of these and is waiting to receive them in the mail so I'm sure I'll hear his opinion on them as well. I've also been in the market for a pro controller but I don't care for the design of these. I've decided to wait until the end of March and buy the Astro C40's for the extra cash. I'm just hoping they're more durable then the Dualshock 4 as I'm tired of replacing controllers every six months due to the analog sticks wearing out.
  19. It's between collectible and multiplayer trophies. I'm with OP on hating looking at guides mid playthrough, especially for collectibles. Multiplayer trophies have never been my thing either as I'm usually a single-player only kind of dude and most online trophies require grinds, which I have zero patience for.
  20. 17,786. Completion rate obviously isn't something I'm too concerned with 😅 Edit: that's more then double the amount of trophies I have earned. Oof.
  21. Almost time to replace my old Vita. Sucks that it's a dead platform now but there are still plenty of quality titles making it worth owning one. It's just a shame it never reached its potential.
  22. You could always wait to see if the rumors of PS5 being backwards compatible come to fruition. If not though, I would say it's never to late as there are tons of amazing games on the PS3.
  23. Top 5 would have to be... Metal Gear Solid 4 Fallout: New Vegas Demons Souls Mass Effect GTA IV This is excluding any remasters of PS2 games.
  24. *looks at micro prices in Apex shop* Nope. I've read plenty of articles stating that EA haven't had as much of a hand in Apex as other games they publish but the micro prices scream "EA" more then any game I've played that they've published. I don't like seeing companies fail but I especially don't like seeing companies spit in the faces of their consumers, so fuck them.