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  1. I finally did it boys, I don't need to worry about the chalenge anymore, thanks to everyone who helped me explaining how to do the chalenge and good luck for anyone who still trying this.
  2. I took a long time to start the tame and I'm still getting it
  3. I learned now how to calculate the progress of the missions, 10 minutes ago I didn't know and I was scared, I will always check now if everything is ok with the missions. Loved the sarcasm of the little friend NekoRave
  4. Cool, I didn't understand what you mean and now I'm scared
  5. I have 5/191 and 41 locations completed, am I ok?
  6. Just finished this quest on the second stronghold and also the second scrap team, I'm very confident now, i will take this dawn to finish everything and take that weight off my back, just sleep and wait the scraps progression
  7. at the exact moment I publish this post, I got the first team, I broke my head a little because the last missing piece was under other objects on the map so it was kind of hard to find, I start to have a little hope of getting this challenge. Is it from here that I risk having my save broken? and I have to start making a lot of manual saves?
  8. thank you guys, the projects I have to do is all of them for each fort or just projects related to scrap parts? (collection group for example)
  9. I probably won't be able to do it in time, I started about 4 days ago and I'm still in the missions of the first fort of the game, I wasted a lot of time on optional things and I don't have the slightest idea how to start the scrap teams, as an exploration game, I didn't like it very much, I even tried to play this half time with the PS4 off the network in case I needed to delete the game from the list of trophies, I'm screwed
  10. I'm downloading this game right now, never played it and I hope I can do everything in 20 days
  11. I loved the old games since PS2, and now i like platinum trophys but this new one i will wait to go on sale too
  12. Its really, really bad time for the trophy but the best you can do is some glitches thats helps you across the game, desert of souls is 100% skippable for a example, and has the infinite magic glitch in the medusa upgrade thats allow you do some infinite magic and kill all enemies in seconds and jump most of the walls that block you path, just start a fresh save, save in multiple places if you do something wrong like skipping a trophy battle(cerberus,centaur...) for a example... i dit this one time and that screwed me, good luck If you cant understand something please ignore its because im using foruns to comunicate people and practice my english
  13. i think the new model does not match, in this game, spiderman and peter are developed characters, the new model looks like a kid and without experience, in my opnion the old model is better for looking like the 1994 spiderman animated series that he already had many responsibilities and experience as a spiderman
  14. thanks, if there is any chance of risk i prefer not to do that
  15. thanks for the help, it’s just 2-3 trophies that don’t have timestamps, but even after the start registering timestamps they were dated 3 to 4 months ago