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  1. Can you or @Beyondthegrave07 update the UFC 2 trophy guide? The guide says the plat is unobtainable due to Live Event trophies, but there's been plenty of earners between 2020 and 2021, so that information is outdated.

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      I notified the guide team. This would be a job for @Platisfaction, @angelbless45, or @Dreggit.

      @ArmoredSnowman, send a pm to Dreggit.

    3. ArmoredSnowman
    4. Dreggit


      I need to properly log the request, so please send me a message. Just for your information, and anyone else that might look at this status update, Grave cannot do anything to modify any guide on the site that he is not a contributor on. So if you want to see changes or updates, you must contact the Guide Team

  2. I did it on my 2nd try. I joined a game with level 97-99's, but the level doesn't matter it's your build. I'm level 61 and I dealt the second most damage. Used Rampage sigil or whatever it's called, it's hard to hit them since they keep dodging often, the battle just takes time. Keep healing your team mates and working together. This is the build I use
  3. The trophy was patched to retarded so you actually have to hit the 7 players that are in one line. I had to boost it.
  4. BOOM, wow! Did you think of that yourself or did you take it from the textbook of generic replies? I'm gonna play it even though I think it's too easy, that won't stop me from finishing the game. . I think It's fair criticism, this issue could have so easilly been solved with a difficulty setting and I'm calling that issue out here.
  5. Thank you! Finally someone who understands what I'm saying. I mean, if I did remove my gear it would not make the game harder at all, it would only make the fights longer. Where is the fun in finding new equipment if it's already too easy with standard gear. There are plenty other games which manage to reward you with new gear and still keep the game interesting and challenging. As I said before I don't want it to be tough as nails hard, just enemies that can deal equal damage to me as I deal to them and maybe kill me every once in a while. I'm not "whining" like people seem to assume. I'm simply stating the fact that the game is way too easy. I admit that I haven't reached chapter 6 yet and people have stated that it will get harder then which makes me glad. I'm in chapter 5 so I should find out soon.
  6. Honestly I played it last when it came out so I don't really remember it that well. Obviously it was easy too, but I'm just saying I enjoyed that battle system with familiars and stuff more.
  7. I highly enjoyed the first Ni no Kuni even though a lot of people seemed to have a lot of complaintments about that combat system, but this one is considerably worse in my opinion.
  8. I hope I will enjoy it more in the later chapters 😬👍
  9. Well that is good news.
  10. The battles are too automatic, like I literally don't have to do anything while A.I. does the work. Is it too much to ask for a game to offer you a feeling that you can atleast fail once in a while?
  11. Quite a few games are actually that difficult. I don't want it to be hard. I just want a reason to even level up because the fights are so boring.
  12. I'm around level 35 right now and it looks like the game isn't getting any harder at all. I mean I wasn't expecting a game like this to offer much of a challenge BUT it's getting unbelivably boring at this rate. Bosses die fast and the last few ones I didn't even have to hit them because the A.I. mostly took care of them and I used higglidy attacks. At first I liked the fast pace of the fights, but now it's becoming more clear that the whole game is gonna be like this? The only time I had to try even a little was in one of those sections that raise the danger level...
  13. Definitely agree. Best collectors edition hands down and finally something completely worth the money. I bought it for the music box and didn't really even check what else was in it. I was blown away when I unboxed it. The picture disc is gorgeous!! Amazing art book, nice steelbook with a making of blu-ray inside and of course the season pass is included as well 😍 Can't go wrong with this one!
  14. I laughed so much while playing this "game".
  15. While this is ridicilous, to everyone saying welcome to 2018 I'd just like to remind you that in MGO2 you had to pay for additional character slots way back in 2008. I've been a religious Metal Gear fan since I was a kid and I'm never touching this garbage.