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  1. Can anyone confirm if achievements/trophies auto pop with cross progression? I started this game on Xbox and already unlocked most of the achievements but I’m over the free trial limit to test it out my self on PlayStation. Thanks
  2. You won’t be disappointed, easily one of the best games I’ve played in VR.
  3. Good god I need to finish this game before it becomes impossible
  4. Ahh gotcha, makes total sense now why I’ve been getting sniped like crazy. I’ll try this tonight, thank you!
  5. Winning FFA matches has been a challenge. I average around 3rd place but can never touch the top guy it’s ridiculous. I noticed late at night it’s best as most of the lobbies are filled with bots
  6. Played the game for a few hours now and it’s the most fun I’ve had in VR. Definitely a grindy list with winning 50 FFA matches followed by 100 kills with kill streaks being the hardest, but everything else will come naturally playing the matches.
  7. I apologize if this has been said before, but during the mission, “The outcasts”, I’ve ran into an issue after poisoning the last grog... I would get a cutscene but I never get the mission complete message afterwards and the only way I can proceed further is to cancel the mission and try again. Does anyone know a fix as I’ve repeated this mission numerous times now. Thanks!
  8. Huge bummer. I’m still working on the PS4 version anyways but I doubt I’ll want to do it again even though I love the game.
  9. Does anyone know if the challenges for winning x amount of online/ranked matches count towards trophies?
  10. Yeah, fall mountain sucks. I remember during the beginning of my streak I was the only person by the crown and I jumped and grabbed onto it and did a complete pull-up and was left standing on top of it. Thankfully I had a good enough lead that I had time to slowly wedge myself towards the edge to grab the crown again. Bugs like this can make a person go insane and idk how I managed to get this trophy with all the shit going against me. Best advice I can give is to avoid playing late at night as I noticed that’s when the big boys got on. Most of my wins came in the morning.
  11. Doesn’t have to be in one sitting, took me 2 days.
  12. Don’t give up man, took me around 7-8 hours to get my last 2 wins... The nerves don’t help so just take a break every so often before you break your controller lol.
  13. You should be safe. I fell into the slime twice but managed to quit before getting the elimination message.
  14. Yup
  15. Most of my wins came from Hex-A-Gon and I’d normally try to quit out once I reached the 2nd to last floor. I would almost never attempt playing on the last floor as I’ve lost a few streaks there. Finally managed to pop the trophy this morning on the new jump final which is very easy to win right now. Best of luck!