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  1. Thank you for your service
  2. Thank you for the simple yet in-depth response some of us have been waiting on. Much better than the "get gud" or "just win, bro" replies I've seen on here lately.
  3. I hope so
  4. Trophies aren’t overly difficult but the game is pretty awful.. Not worth it in my opinion
  5. Trophies can be earned against bots
  6. Nice. I decided to start this game and there's an abundance of glitches lobbies, already level 22. The hardest part now is staying alive long enough.
  7. Yea, I’ve seen someone post at least once a day in the discord but still no response Just realized you’re the only one I’ve been seeing in discord lol
  8. Does anyone have any new secrets or secrete techniques in 2022?
  9. Update is out now and the trophy seems to track properly, tho it seems you have to start progress from scratch 😔
  10. Thank you for the helpful video. Do you happen to have any tips for, “better than the trailer” trophy?
  11. I saw on their Twitter people were mentioning their ps5s overheating while looking through the menu
  12. From my experience I have to basically start fresh and play 10 rounds with each class. That’s how I had to unlock the old school trophy anyhow. I haven’t touched the game in months so maybe after every season the stats reset? I have a couple more classes to play so I’ll let you know if it unlocks for me
  13. I had read a comment on reddit with someone stating they heard that the trophies aren't retroactive but that's all I could find
  14. This game is amazing fun! Using the move controllers can feel awkward at times for me after coming from the quest 2, other than that no complaints here