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  1. May 9, 2022.
  2. You guys are blessed. Constant frame drops and screen tearing.
  3. This. Malenia is complete bullshit.
  4. YEEEEEEESSSSS. I was already 5 hours into a new character just for this trophy. THANK YOU!
  6. yep. it bugged for me. done the whole district 3 times... new character here I go... 😭
  7. YES!!
  8. I used this guide by HUN. You will need at least one energy module (they come from the 15.000 packs that you purchase with in-game credits. (might take a while for one energy module to appear. I opened at least 30 packs .)) and some praxis kits that you get from levelling up. Then you just need to equip the energy module in your inventory and keep equipping and unequipping the relevant energy skill until you have 20.000 or so of energy. Then get some more praxis to unlock camouflage and titan augs.
  9. Got all Breach (BS!) trophies. Glitch still works. 10 hours.
  10. I'd like to confirm if the energy boosts in breach are still obtainable in the enhanced packs. I just opened 15+ enhanced packs and couldn't drop a single energy pack. sad...
  11. All of them.
  12. Just an update. I JUST GOT THE DLC TO DOWNLOAD. Instead of purchasing the Ultimate Edition all the way I only put it in the cart and went back to the Cold Cold Heart DLC and started downloading right away. I dont know if it related but I also restored my licenses on the ps4 before that. THx all.
  13. Was your version of the game physical or digital? Bc i'm worried that if the transaction works, im gonna be charged for a game I already own a physical copy of.
  14. I have this problem with Cold Cold Heart DLC. It doesn't show up on the ingame store and I can't "purchase" on PSN either. Always errors out. Didn't for me... help...
  15. Hard? Not at all. Long and boring grind. Yup.