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  1. These trophies won't unlock for some reason. Any tricks?
  2. So did you just grind out the trophies in 1.04 or did you depatch the game? Should I continue my grind in 1.04 or is it glitched?
  3. I did it with this method. Not sure what you mean by appkgo URL
  4. And I got Arcade Master trophy as well. Took me 55 platinums on the open road map. I highly recommend downloading the 1.0 version or the platinum will be unobtainable.
  5. So I just got the two trophies by downgrading the game to 1.0. Got them on my first try. So it's true the devs have made them unobtainable. I will also be going for the Arcade Master before updating the game because that has seem to be also unobtainable with the glitch.
  6. How downgrade this game to 1.0?