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  1. I just beat Baal and started my Nightmare playthrough but logging in for the second time it's asking me what difficulty I want to play on. If I switch back to normal so I can go to the cow level will that reset my progress for beating the game on Nightmare? I've seen some things that make it seem like you only need to kill Baal in Nightmare for it to count for the trophy, but I can't find a confirmation of this.
  2. Finally got it! It took ages, hundreds of times. I can’t be sure because it’s definitely a glitchy trophy but It popped 12 times after making a new map on my alt account and being sure to publish the map before I downloaded it onto my main account. I’m not sure if I remembered to publish the first map I used before I downloaded it, so I’m afraid that could have been part of the reason it took so long.
  3. I don't know what's going on with protect the herd but I have played the first mission (steal the explosives) at least 7 times now, I have been super careful, gotten through the room with the 2 scientists without even alerting anyone. I can't get the trophy to pop. Has anyone been able to get this on a later mission?
  4. Nevermind, I got it. I let the glitch panic set in too early.
  5. I'm confused by Breaking the Litany (face off with Onawa). Maybe I don't understand what I'm supposed to do to get it. It seemed story related, but now the point in the story where I expected to get it has passed and I haven't gotten it. I'm afraid it might have glitched. Has anyone else had trouble with that one?
  6. Yeah, the Gaia sidequest trophy must be bugged because I got it after only doing 1 sidequest. I am also super confused by Protect the Herd, I haven't gotten that trophy yet and I've been really careful around the yellow aura people.
  7. I got it to stop doing the blue screen by going into the options and under video I changed the quality mode from performance to quality (i also lowered the lens flare a little, no idea if that helped). Since then it has run perfectly.
  8. PS3 - Howard, after Howard Bannister from the movie "What's Up Doc?" I no longer remember the reason why though. PS4 - O'Neal, after Ryan O'Neal who played Howard Bannister in "What's Up Doc?"