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  1. Can anyone verify those who don’t have a VIP pass can they still obtain all online trophies through the LAN function within the game?
  2. F1 2012 pass was available to buy a few weeks back. I believe the 2011 pass was delisted before I purchased the 2012 one. Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you for clarity, saves me buying an Asian copy. I guess there is no way of platinum in the future for this.
  4. F1 2012 you couldn’t see the Pass in store but the option was there when the game was loaded from disc, I would guess this would be the same for F1 2011.
  5. I’ve looked on and the VIP pass DLC is available in Asian stores but we would need an Asian import of the disc to play I would guess.
  6. Ok, which Asian store did you purchase from because I read there are multiple Asian stores?
  7. Those who already have a VIP Pass the platinum can still be obtained. Those of us who require to buy a VIP Pass can not due to VIP Pass being delisted from 5th May 21. I am gutted this cannot be purchased, I am in the middle of attempting to platinum all F1 Games. Does anybody know a work round for this? Thanks.
  8. I can confirm the same, started playing for the first time on Thursday and none have been available so far. Now with the story complete it won’t take me long to get the other trophies. With no daily challenges there this is going to become a plat stopper but says coming soon. Will this ever come back online, I loaded NFS 2015 up and the daily challenges are there just like they are on NFS Heat. Seems to be just affecting Payback but online multiplayer still functions.
  9. One of the collectibles appears on the map to be on a grass/tree area but actually it is underground. That was the only one I had a problem with. Can’t remember which district on the map this is.
  10. Invite sent, Let’s work together, only goal here is the Platinum trophy. Done some grinding today and so far we are now level 47.
  11. Hey, I am leader of a new crew which in 10 days has got to Level 45. I am serious about this crew to get the All For One trophy. I am commencing a grind tomorrow on a day off but could do with all the help we can get and we have 2 spaces free. If you interested I can add you but not quite the Level 48 you wanted. Anyone else on here please put yourselves forward to grind this out.