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  1. I don't think there are any in game counters for the total goals. Has anyone found a quicker way to get the 1360 goals? I am using the method above and it is definitely not fun.
  2. I have painted item and 2 rare crates to trade for a certified item that I can keep. Preferable a clearing or shot on goal item? PSN JaseP1988
  3. Thanks that worked
  4. I was trying to get Sharpshooter but it wont work. I did 30 goals straight in in coach career on beginner. Also in rookie my goal streak seems to reset if someone else kicks a goal in the team? Any ideas of what I am missing?
  5. Haven't tested this on back to back yet but maybe create a 'dream team' in FanHub to make sure you get to finals without having to reset too much? I did that for the win all games in a season.
  6. Has anyone got a tip for 'Back to back to back'? I simmed 3 seasons on medium and played and won all finals but didn't get the trophy? Edit - was playing in coach career.
  7. I think you are spot on with that. It been fine since the last update. thanks. No to get back to freeing every area ....
  8. Just a heads up to anyone who has this problem. My game continues to freeze every time before a battle and got stuck on a blank white screen. Tried resetting and re downloading but it didn't fix it. I left it on that white screen for 15 -20 mins and it finally loaded by itself then was fine from then on. So you can just wait it out because you lose your progress in terms of areas if you delete game data. Hope this is helpful
  9. Paint Park was the easiest so far. Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward was pretty easy too, just need patience and a plan - this was an awesome game to play.
  10. Assassins Creed Unity - Fist AC platinum in a while
  11. Hi - Looking for some more friends to CO-OP with. PSN: JaseP1988 Feel free to add and will be happy to work on some co-op/online trophies.